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Posts tagged with R5

REDS Racing Limited ‘Green’ editions

Italy’s REDS Racing engines have taken the 1/8 Offroad market by storm in recent years, with team drivers of the highest calibre, think Cody King, Elliott Boots etc. They’ve re-forged their partnership with JQ Racing by offering a limited edition green cooling head version of the R7 and R5T engines. Only available via the JQ […]

Reds ‘2014 spec’ R5 engine updates

REDS Racing have announced the release of their updated ‘2014 spec’ R5 line, designed and engineered by Mario Rossi. R5T Team Edition and R5 Racer 2014 update consists of: a new high sealing and high reliability front ball bearing, a new crankcase with wider fins close to the exhaust for a better cooling, a new wider combustion […]

Reds update buggy engines

For the coming season REDS Racing has introduced new improvements to the buggy engines line (R series) in order to satisfy at best all different customers requirements like: reliability, lower consumption and high performance. The top level engine R5T has been equipped with the long needle carburetor. After tests with our best official drivers, R5T […]