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ProStar RC8B3 & MBX7R “Outlaw” 1/8 front wing

See: ProStar R/C ProStar have introduced new “Outlaw” front wing for Team Associated RC8B3, Mugen MBX7R and Eco buggies. ProStar have spent 5 months to test prototypes in different materials. The “Outlaw” front wing makes the airflow aerodynamically channeled smoothly over your front shock tower of your car producing more front end bite especially on larger […]

ProStar B6/B6D blue carbon kevlar shock towers

See: Pro Star R/C ProStar have introduced front and rear blue carbon kevlar shock towers for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. These shock towers are made from 4mm thickness bulletproof material kevlar giving them solidity and durability compared to the standard carbon fiber. The shock towers will be available soon as set.

ProStar MBX7R & RC8B3 precision brake system

See: ProStar R/C ProStar have released the first picture of their forthcoming precision brake system for the Mugen Seiki MBX7/MBX7R and Team Associated RC8B3 buggies and truggies. This adjustable brake system features a custom aluminum top brace, full ball bearing brake cams (top & bottom), one precision titanium turnbuckle “Bias Adjustment”, custom carbon graphite bulkheads that […]

ProStar Ferodo brake pads

See: ProStar R/C ProStar have introduced new Ferodo brake pads for Team Associated RC8B3, Mugen MBX7 and SWORKz buggies and truggies. The use of Fedoro allows for a more consistent feel throughout the race as your brakes warm up and practically if not eliminates brake fade found with other stock pads. The design of these pads […]