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Posts tagged with PR Racing America

PR Racing America announces Fred Wieland as East Coast manager

See: PR Racing America PR Racing America is proud to announce Fred Wieland as the new East Coast manager. Fred Wieland has been with PR Racing America since the very beginning and we’re happy to announce that he’ll be overseeing and managing our East coast Racing Team. Fred will head up and build a competitive East Coast […]

PR Racing America releases the PRS1 V3 2wd buggy

See: PR Racing America PR Racing America has officially released the new Hobby Pro PRS1 V3 2wd buggy (seen in action at the IFMAR World Championships). The new platform design is based off of the popular V2 design, however, allows for more adaptability and tuning options for various racing conditions. The new buggy features a […]

PR Racing America introduces new RTR PRS1 2wd buggy

See: PR Racing America PR Racing America introduces their new RTR vehicle lineup! PR Racing America says, “We feel that today’s RTR vehicles do not offer the customer a quality race oriented experience. Our RTR vehicles are designed primarily with the entry level racer in mind. Our RTR Vehicle is produced with much of the […]

Hobby Pro USA welcomes Casey Becica to PR Racing team

See: Hobby Pro USA Hobby Pro USA would like to welcome their latest addition to the PR Racing America / Hobby Pro Distribution Team, Casey Becica. Casey has been racing on a competitive level for while now in the So Cal area, and is always willing to lend a helping hand at the track. Casey will […]

Hobby Pro USA branches out to form PR Racing America

See: Hobby Pro USA Hobby Pro USA has announced today that with the growing success of the PR Racing line of vehicles, the distribution company will open a new organization branch known as PR Racing America. Hobby Pro USA owner, Andrew Smolnik, has released the following statement: “The last couple years have brought some new […]