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Posts tagged with Philippe Neidhart

Philippe Neidhart talks about global business & Team Orion

Our friends at circusrc.com have asked Philippe Neidhart a few questions about the RC market and Team Orion Racing. Some racers know Philippe Neidhart, some will discover him today. Philippe is one of the Pioneer of the RC industry, he started business in the 80’s when Electric RC was booming, at that Time Team Orion […]

Philippe Neidhart launches Performa Racing brand

See: Performa Racing Philippe Neidhart added another string to his bow with the newly founded brand Performa Racing. Performa Racing offer fresh new T-shirts, hoodies, caps and stickers but also a full line of racing-oriented products will be available very soon. The current range made of premium quality T-shirt, sweat-shirt and cap comes in black color […]

Philippe Neidhart takes back ownership of Team Orion

See: Team Orion Team Orion was founded by Philippe Neidhart in 1987. Thanks to its numerous innovations and clever business strategy, Team Orion was highly successful for its first 20 Years of existence. Despite its best efforts, due to the worldwide economical crisis and other technological factors out of its control, the early years of the […]

HB Racing resolves SOAR situation

The situation between Mr. Didian Ho from Soar and Neidhart SA & Ripmax has taken a positive step. In a new statement Mr. Ho announced that Mr. Philippe Neidhart; owner of HB Racing settled debts owed him. Here is the Soar announcement: “Today we received a payment notice from the new owner of HB Racing (Neidhart). We were noticed that the […]

All Change at Team Orion

After last week’s startling news that nitro engine guru Adrien Bertin looked to have parted ways with Team Orion we heard from the big man himself, Philippe Neidhart, founder of Team Orion in 1987. Philippe kindly allowed us to interview him on the major news, it’s fair to say the Bertin story was only scratching […]

Yuichi Kanai leaves Team Orion

Surprise news from Kyosho’s Buggy guru designer / godfather of the Inferno series of buggys Yuichi Kanai – announcing his departure from engine sponsor Team Orion – Kanai having run for the Swiss company which was purchased by Kyosho (in 2007) since 2009. The move comes as a surprise given Kyosho’s owning stake in Orion […]