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Zac Ryan takes final Pattaya Buggy Party Victory

The 3rd and final day at the 2015 Maxima-sponsored Buggy Party saw semis that were a feat of attrition as a couple of high profile names falling by the wayside – 2nd placed qualifier Charlee P and 5th qualifier Napatrapee both suffering mechanical issues – a running theme as countless drivers’ cars were returned to the […]

Quali rained out at last Buggy Party

Day 2 of the final Buggy Party event at the famous PRC Pattaya in Thailand started out under promising blue skies and the sweet scent of nitro permeating the track surrounded by pitting containers that is PRC – despite heavy overnight rains the track looked in pretty decent shape, although a variable dusty surface would […]

Pattaya Buggy Party practice

The ‘P’ for Pattaya may stand for ‘Party’, but whilst for most travellers it represents sunshine, good times and the darker aspects of tourism, in RC Racing, Pattaya means one thing: Charlie’s track, PRC Power boat. Most readers of our site will remember the team and venue hosting arguably the best 1/8 IFMAR Buggy Worlds […]

Buggy Party Farewell: End of an era?

See: Buggy Party Farewell on Facebook It would sadly appear that days are numbered for the iconic PRC track in Pattaya, Thailand – host of the excellent 2010 IFMAR Worlds, scene of Cody King’s famous victory. Seen as many as the first real ‘3D’ tracks that also incorporated higher speeds, a forerunner and inspiration to the C-Netic […]

2015 ASIA Contest underway

The 3rd annual ASIA Contest got off to a sunny Friday morning start as drivers took advantage of the morning’s free practice, most travelling racers arriving a few days early to take advantage of the pre-event practice and get to grips with the brand new layout at Pattaya RC Powerboat. From the start, one of […]

VRC Pro’s Pattaya 2010 Worlds track

VRC Pro have finally released the world famous Pattaya track from Thailand with the 2010 IFMAR Worlds layout which witnessed Cody King’s historic victory. The track presents you with 450 meters of Thai dirt, daring doubles, triples and quads; optimized to be used in both directions so you get 2 tracks in 1! Are you […]

ASIA Contest: Final video


ASIA Contest Final day highlights

Another wonderful video from the PRC Productions team of Tath Siribodhi from the ASIA Contest in Pattaya, Thailand. See the first video