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Posts tagged with Optima

6MIK Optima aluminium clutch shoes & springs

See: 6MIK 6MIK have added new aluminium clutch shoes and springs to their Optima range of products. Designed to be used with the popular Optima 4-shoe clutch, the shoes are precision machined from red anodised high-quality aluminum to provide a clutch shoe that is stable at high temperatures, offers consistent wear and increased clutch performance. […]

6MIK Optima 40mm aluminium cooling fan

See: 6MIK 6MIK have introduced a new 40mm aluminium cooling fan. Standard replacement for 1/8th speed controller, the 40x40x10mm fan includes a black or red anodised aluminium fan mount sporting a heatsink design for cool looks and additional heat dissipation. The hi-speed fan features dual ball bearings to increase air flow to help to cooling […]

6MIK E817/9 Optima radio box

See: 6MIK French HB Racing distributor 6MIK has introduced the new Optima radio box. 3D printer made, the radio box allow to put the receiver in the front of the side guard. The new location assures a clean layout, all wires passing through a rubber washer so they don’t shear from friction. The radio box […]

6MIK D819RS Optima air filter guard & mount

See: 6MIK French company 6MIK have introduced a new Optima air filter guard and mount for the HB Racing D817, D819 and D819RS. The part is made from plastic material and is attached to the upper part of the fuel tank. It allows to protects the air filter from fuel splashes, that can cause engine […]

6MIK E817/9 Optima 30mm aluminium high-speed cooling fan

See: 6MIK 6MIK have added to their Optima range of option parts a new 30mm aluminium high-speed cooling fan specially designed to fit the HB Racing E817 and E819. Designed in France, the high-speed fan provides steady performance and a better lasting of the motor especially in hot weather conditions. Available in black and red […]

6MIK Optima 1/8th Buggy storage bag

See: 6MIK French company 6MIK have introduced the new Optima storage bag for Nitro Buggies and E-buggies. The storage bag comes with a small handle as well as two straps that turn this bag into a backpack. The inner compartment features semi-rigid sidewalls and allows to store any 1/8th Buggy with mounted wheels while Velcro […]

Jean-Pierrick Sartel Optima-powered through to 2020

See: 6MIK 6MIK have announced the signing of Jean-Pierrick Sartel to their Optima team for 2020. The 2018 Euro E-buggy Champion will not only use the Optima Tigre nitro engine on his SWORKz ride but also Optima products including Silicone oils, accessories and option parts during some major events in France.

6MIK Optima 1/8th buggy tyres smart bag

See: 6MIK 6MIK have introduced the new Optima tyres smart bag for Nitro Buggy and E-buggy. The re-usable smart bag is provided with a reliable closing zip and it allows to easily store four tyres. Available in set of 10-piece, it is ideal to have your OGIO bag well prepared and your workshop stored.