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6MIK Optima Tigre nitro engine coming soon

See: 6MIK Our friends at 6MIK have sent us a teaser of their new Optima nitro engine called Tigre. The Tigre is added to the Optima engine range which already includes the SLR 5 and it sports a unique look compared to the other engine on the market. The first thing that is visible is […]

6MIK Optima internal shock springs

See: 6MIK French company 6MIK have added to the Optima range new internal shock springs for 1/8 buggies. Specially developed by the 6MIK team, the internal shock springs allow to less prone to rolling over and reduce the pitching weight transfer, resulting in increased driving precision. The internal shock springs are available in set fo […]

Optima black shiny fuel line

See: 6MIK 6MIK have introduced a new Optima black shiny fuel line for nitro engine. This 2x6mm premium fuel line is made from high-quality and durable silicone and won’t harden or crack and remains flexible. The Optima black shiny fuel line doesn’t make kinks when coiled and great gripping on your fittings.

6MIK Optima 13T & 14T vented clutch bells

See: 6MIK 6MIK have introduced new Optima 13T and 14T clutch bells for 1/8 buggy. The clutch bells are made of hard treated steel for maximum reliability and high precision tooth cutting for optimum performance. The inner diameter of the bell is 26.5mm and it uses a 5x10x4mm bearings. The clutch bell features a vented […]

Optima O.S. rear engine cover

See: 6MIK 6mik have introduced new Optima’s rear engine cover for the O.S. 21 XZ, B2101 and B2102 engines. Thanks to exclusiv internal channels, the rear cover will increased engine efficiency by feeding optimaly lateral ports. The fuel mixture is actually less melt by the conrod movement. Following the track conditions, the torque can be […]

Optima D817 aluminium single & dual clamping servo arms

See: 6MIK 6mik have added to their Optima range of products new aluminium servo arms for 1/8 HB Racing buggies and truggies. The horns are machined to the exact HB specifications to provides increased precision, rigidity and durability. The horns also feature a clamping design to ensure the horn remains in place even if the […]

Kyosho Optima ball differential for belt drive

Kyosho have introduced an optional ball differential for the re-release Optima. It is designed only for belt-drive configuration and comes with all necessary parts for assembly. This adjustable differential is characterized by its versatility and ease of use. it will suit many track conditions. Website: Kyosho

Kyosho Optima aluminium front upper pivots

Kyosho have introduced a set of front upper pivots for the Optima Vintage Series. These option parts are made from high-quality aluminium, gun metal anodised and laser-etched. They are designed to replace the standard composite parts to improve their strength and their durability. Website: Kyosho America