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Corner Speed RC O-ring grease

See: Corner Speed RC  Coming from Corner Speed RC is a premium lubricating grease. The grease has been carefully formulated to create dynamic lubrication between o-rings and metal parts and it was specially designed for use on rubber components and gaskets such as shock/diff o-rings to allow smoother operation as well as minimising leakage. Unlike […]

VP-PRO O-ring shock grease

See: VPPRO VP-PRO have introduced their new O-ring grease for prevent damages to the O-rings of shocks and differentials. The oil pressure is depends on the O-ring sealing status. The O-ring grease will keep silicone seals from swelling and reducing leaking issues,at the same time will enhance the smooth of the seal ring.

Arrowmax O-Ring grease

To protect and prevent your o-ring from leaking, at the same time provide a super smooth action, Arrowmax have introduced the new O-ring grease. A proper working O-ring are critical for the shocks to work properly and without O-ring grease, it will not only protect it from damaging substance but at the same till provide […]