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Posts tagged with Montpellier GP

Malinksi wins Virtual Montpellier GP

  Marcin Malinski (Poland) has continued his winning streak with a 3rd straight victory in the young 2015 season, after winning the VRC Worlds at Naxos this past December as well! Under perfect dry racing conditions (no rain like during the real GP Montpellier…) Malinski managed to keep the hard charging Uwe de Zwart from […]

VRC 2015 Virtual GP de Montpellier

Virtual Racing Industries has added a new outdoor offroad track: circuit MBM – MONTPELLIER – France. This exciting new track was created in close collaboration with the Montpellier club. It’s a typical French style track carved out in the terrain, and VRI’s graphics and 3D artist Tony West has delivered yet another masterpiece by capturing […]

AKA’s ‘Ultra Soft’ compound for Montpellier GP

Known for it’s icey temperatures and archetypal Euro ‘flat n’fast’ style track the Montpellier GP can now add another string to it’s bow as AKA have created a special ‘Ultra Soft’ compound specifically for that event – Bernard Durand of ‘Racing Experience’ – AKA’s distributor in France will likely be very pleased with the company […]

2014 Montpellier GP news

The organisers of the ever+popular International Montpellier Grand Prix have been in touch and told us that registration for their event next year opens 9th November (tomorrow), regarded by Europe’s pros as a must-attend event, it marks one of the first opportunities for many to get some outdoor running and racing. Despite bitterly cold conditions […]

Montpellier GP 2013 – A preview

Just as the Dirt Nitro Challenge is regarded as the traditional ‘season opener’ in North America – so to the Montpellier Grand Prix in France; a season-opening ‘ice breaker’ of an event, especially  given 2012’s rather frigid conditions, despite this and meddling attempts by the French Federation expect a packed out event filled to the […]

Montpellier GP getting ready

Trouble in France

French Federation takes on Montpellier GP Organisers, penalises participants After years of relative inaction, the French Federation (FFVRC) have lost their cool with the ambitious MBM club of Montpellier – host club of the ever-growing and popular Montpellier GP, the reason, the race date (the same 2nd week of February for the last 10+ years) […]

Montpellier GP 2013

Following the announcement of the upcoming 2013 Montpellier GP, the team have been hard at work preparing the track…