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Posts tagged with Module 0.8 Pinion Gear

6MIK E817/9 Optima Module 0.8 pinion gears

See: 6MIK French company 6MIK have introduced two new Module 0.8 pinion gears for the HB Racing E817 and E819 to their Optima range. CNC machined from hardened steel material, these precision cut gears are durable and available in 18 and 19 tooth variants. Both features the tooth count engraved on the gear for easy […]

6MIK E817 module 0.8 pinion gears

See: 6MIK 6MIK have introduced two new module 0.8 pinions for the HB Racing E817. The gears are made from high-quality steel and hard-coated to ensure low wear. For use the 0.8 pinion gears you need to use new 0.8 spur gears. The pinion gears provide better performance, more race time, increased RPM,they are less […]