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Mike Cradock talks about REDS, JQ & gyros in video

Mike Cradock gives his opinion on the topics that have fascinated RC world for some time. Mike gives his feeling about REDS engines, JQ and RCGP as well as the gyros. Interesting!

Cradock’s How to Videos: strip, clean and rebuild your MP9 diffs

How to Strip, Clean and Rebuild your front, centre and rear differentials in a Kyosho MP9? Watch the video, Mike Cradock will tell you how to do.

Cradock’s How to Videos: change your engine bearings & fit a throttle return band

Mike Cradock is back with another tutorial video about how to fit a throttle return band for a proper and smooth working and change your engine bearings. Your turn!

Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Messina 2014

Finally the last and most recent installment of Mike Cradock’s enthralling tales of the Worlds is here, the ‘eventful’ 2014 IFMAR Worlds in Sicily! Home to volcanoes, beautiful women, food, wine and one or two mafiosos! It was a Worlds dominated by Ty Tessmann and Mike takes us through them from his perspective. It was […]

Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Argentina 2012

Argentina 2012 up next and we’re moving towards more modern times – Buenos Aires hosted in December that year, we were looking forward to going to this as we had a fairly dominant year with Elliott Boots and his Kyosho/Novarossi/AKA package. But again the rumours started on the so called Unsocial networks, saying it’s dangerous it should […]

Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Uruguay ’02 – USA ’08

A couple of days ago we posted part one of Mike Cradock’s personal memories of past World Championships starting out with Bangkok ’90 and ending with Las Vegas in 2000. We continue on to Uruguay ’02 to USA 2008 with Argentina 2012 to follow and finishing off with Messina 2014…

Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Bangkok ’90 – Vegas ’00

For the last couple of years one of the icons of 1/8 Offroad Mike Cradock has kindly penned some of his memories and experiences from Worlds gone by, whilst racing is always moving forwards with Champions to be crowned, history shapes where we’re heading. Some of our more junior visitors may not realise how evergreen Mr […]

Celebration kit: the European Champ package

To celebrate his second consecutive European title, the famous Elliott Boots and Mike Cradock duo offer nothing less than the opportunity to buy a Kyosho MP9 TKI4, pre built by Mike and the same engine they used to get the win at Redovan, Spain. Here’s what Elliott had to say about the Celebration kit: “I am proud […]