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Posts tagged with Messina

Messina Worlds message

After staging the 15th IFMAR 1/8 Offroad World Championships, the oganising team from Messina have sent out a press release that we’re happy to repost: The Messina Worlds Association would like to thank the Major and the City Hall of Giardini Naxos, IFMAR, EFRA ed AMSCI, all the companies that have sponsored the event and […]

Worlds track ready for business

There haven’t been a huge amount of detailed photos appearing of the Giardini Naxos track just yet, however thanks to Tindaro Cutrona on Facebook we put together the above panoramic stitch which should give everyone a good idea of the general layout. The track looks nice and wide with good open infields as well as […]

IFMAR’s leaked ‘Fuel-gate’ update

In an interesting move, a seemingly official update from IFMAR concerning the ‘fuel situation’ for Messina 2014 has been leaked online causing a stir in higher racing circles. In summary, IFMAR’s President Dallas Mathiesen attempts to clarify what will happen in Messina, in a month’s time at the Worlds: “IFMAR’s current 2014 rules for off-road […]

Messina Worlds: Track update

With 7 weeks until the 2014 IFMAR Worlds kicks off in Messina on the Italian island of Sicily we’ve seen some very positive signs of progress via their handy Facebook page; lots of building work underway including a big pitting setup, cleaning stations, spectator stand and more we expect, looking great so far chaps! From the […]

Messina Worlds: A few details

The organisers behind September’s 15th IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championships have triumphantly been in contact sending the ‘official brochure’ for the event, suggesting that Catania on Sicily is the most convenient airport to fly to, address of the track, a reminder that they staged an onroad Worlds here some 9 years ago on the Messina […]

Worlds Organisers respond to JQ

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you might have missed the thought-provoking open letter by a certain Joseph Quagraine, asking questions about the forthcoming 1/8 buggy IFMAR Worlds which are due to be held in Messina, Italy in September. In the letter which produced a tsunami of responses, JQ questions […]