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MCD Racing RR5-Max Pro large scale gas buggy kit

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have introduced the new RR5-Max Pro large scale gas buggy kit. With the RR5 MAX, MCD Racing have improved handling and driving stability that come from the extended V5 chassis. The RR5-Max Pro features a one piece CNC machined from anodized 7075 T6 aircraft alloy, a CNC machined engine carrier, a […]

MCD Racing 15T alloy servo arm

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have introduced a 15T alloy servo arm designed for Savox SV-0235 series and Hitec 840 series servos. The double lever servo arm is machined from high-quality alloy and comes anodised in a brown colour. It offers reduced height which helps reducing height of the steering linkage providing a better force transfer […]

MCD Racing RR5 engine heat sink

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have introduced new engine heat sink for the RR5 buggy. The heat sink is machined from a block of 7075 aluminium. The heat sink decreases the temperature of the spark plug by around 10°C when the external temperature is 35°C+. The decrease in temperature on the spark plug substantially effects the […]

MCD Racing adjustable caster block

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have introduced new adjustable caster blocks for their range of 1/5 vehicles. The unique design feature from MCD allows to adjust the angle of the caster block without disassembling the hub and shaft axle. With the new caster block you can easily adjust the angle from -4° to 4° (0° or […]

MCD Rally-Xross wheels & tyres

See: MCD Racing MCD have introduced the new Rally-Xross wheels and tyres designed for both rally cars and buggies to be driven on compact gravel and dusty tarmac surfaces. The Rally-Xross tyres can be using also on buggies with a longer gear ratio due to 160mm tyre diameter. Compared to the MCD’s Dirt-Xross which is 180mm, […]

MCD Racing Zenoah G320 alloy insulator

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have introduced new alloy insulator designed for the new Zenoah G320 engine. This alloy insulator prevents the flexing problem of the existing composite insulator when overheated. A unique property of the new tuning part includes the two composite bushings which helps a total isolation.

MCD Racing 180mm Astro-Max tyres

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have introduced the Astro-Max tyres in 180mm diameter. The Astro-Max tyres are designed for astroturf off-road tracks and perform well especially on wet conditions. The lateral design features increase sidewall puncture and tearing resistance. The tyre also has two different lateral traction options for diverse conditions on the track. The 180mm […]

MCD Racing Micro Stud V2 1/5 tyre

See: MCD Racing MCD Racing have unveiled the new evolution of the Micro Stud 1/5 tyre, the Micro Stud V2. Based on the proven Micro Stud tyres, the Micro Stud V2 were successfully tested at three competitive races in Thonon-les-Bains and Reignac, France and in Bankya, Bulgaria. MCD Racing took the design even forward by strengthening […]