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Mugen Seiki unveils MBX8’s body

Almost everything had been unveiled about the forthcoming Mugen Seiki MBX8 except its body. The last mystery surrounding the body is lifted, Mugen has just posted official photos about the MBX8’s body. See: Mugen Seiki Racing Pre-Order Now!

Adam Drake talks about the MBX8

Mugen Seiki Racing driver Adam Drake talks about the highly anticipated Mugen MBX8 in their new video. The MBX8 is available for pre-order now, and it will hit the store shelves at the end of January. Pre-Order Now!

Under the Hood: Robert Batlle

Robert Batlle, 28 – Spain Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX8 Engine: Ninja JX21 B-04 Fuel: Corally Fuel Tyres: Hot Race tyres Radio & Servos: Ko Propo & Highest D1000 servos Body & Wing: Bittydesign body & MBX8 wing Event: One Race One Man 2018, IBR Padova, Italy    

Under the Hood: Adam Drake

Adam Drake (USA), 37 Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX8 Engine: O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Tyres: Pro-Line Fuel: Flashpoint 30% Radio & Servos: Hitec, Hitec 9380 & 9370 Event: 2018 One Race One Man, IBR Padova, Italy Note: First official appearance of the Mugen MBX8 in an international event. Adam Drake, Mike Truhe and Robert Batlle are the only ones to […]

Robert Batlle talk about the Mugen MBX8

Mugen Seiki’s Robert Batlle has taken the place of his team mate Adam Drake to talk about the difference between the Mugen MBX7R and the forthcoming MBX8 in this video. You can Pre Order the Mugen MBX8 right now! See: Mugen Seiki Europe

Mugen Seiki MBX8, more details & photos revealed

After unveiling the first details of the forthcoming MBX8, Mugen Seiki have released a second part with another details and photos. The MBX8 features new FF/FR/RF/RR suspension mounts and new front and rear gearbox. The new gearbox makes allows you to remove and service the differentials without detaching the suspension arm mounts allowing easy access to […]

Mugen Seiki MBX8 Features, Specification and more revealed

Mugen Seiki have unveiled some information about the highly anticipated MBX8 nitro buggy kit. The MBX8 is lightweight, more durable and provides more acceleration and more runtime. The MBX8 features a new chassis design that improves traction and stability in bumpy conditions and on the exit of corners. The steering post are also keyed into the […]

Mugen Seiki MBX8 coming soon

Mugen Seiki have anounced the soon release of the highly anticipated MBX8 1/8 nitro buggy. The new Mugen Seiki MBX8 buggy has been tested by the factory team drivers of the Japanese brand and developed to offer a lighter buggy more durable, which provides more acceleration and more runtime, more ease to work on it. […]