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AVID MBX7R/RC8B3 rear hub spacers & titanium domed droop screws

AVID RC have introduced rear hub spacers for Mugen MBX7R and Team Associated RC8B3 and also titanium domed droop screws for buggies 1/8. First up are the rear hub spacers machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized grey for Mugen and black for AE and specially designed to remove all the slop from your rear hubs while […]

Ultimate MBX7R receiver battery box

See: Modelix Racing Modelix’s brand Ultimate Racing have introduced a new Ultimate receiver battery box for the Mugen MBX7 & 7R buggy and truggy. This receiver battery box has been designed to do not have to use tape to fix the battery to the radio tray mount or battery holder. The top cover and the […]

ProStar MBX7R/T gold Kevlar composite shock towers

See: ProStar R/C ProStar RC have introduced new rear and front gold Kevlar composite shock towers for the Mugen MBX7R and MBX7T. Both shock towers are made from 5mm Super Hybrid Composite, includes blue or gold carbon fiber over Kevlar with a carbon fiber core. These shock towers are stronger and more durable than any other […]

ProStar RC8B3 & MBX7R “Outlaw” 1/8 front wing

See: ProStar R/C ProStar have introduced new “Outlaw” front wing for Team Associated RC8B3, Mugen MBX7R and Eco buggies. ProStar have spent 5 months to test prototypes in different materials. The “Outlaw” front wing makes the airflow aerodynamically channeled smoothly over your front shock tower of your car producing more front end bite especially on larger […]

Flash Point MBX7R extended engine mount

See: Flash Point R/C N.American distributor Mugen Flash Point have introduced an optional extended engine mount for the MBX7, MBX7R, MBX7T and MBX7TR. Machined in high quality aluminium, the engine mount reduces chassis flex and increases clutch bell, spur gear, and clutch bearing life. The engine mount extends all the way to the fuel tank post […]

Mugen MBX7/MBX7T differentials coming soon

Mugen Seiki have released first photos of their forthcoming differentials for the MBX7R and MBX7T. These rear and front differentials feature 42T or 44T gear sizes for the MBX7R and 46T gear size for the MBX7T. The internal gears feature now 10T/20T to improve traction and steering. Also they allowing the use of softer differential […]

ProStar MBX7R & RC8B3 precision brake system

See: ProStar R/C ProStar have released the first picture of their forthcoming precision brake system for the Mugen Seiki MBX7/MBX7R and Team Associated RC8B3 buggies and truggies. This adjustable brake system features a custom aluminum top brace, full ball bearing brake cams (top & bottom), one precision titanium turnbuckle “Bias Adjustment”, custom carbon graphite bulkheads that […]

T-Work’s MBX7R lightweight pillow balls

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced new lightweight pillow balls for the Mugen MBX7 and MBX7R. These pillow balls are machined from high quality aluminium and available in two version: with a spring steel shafts or titanium shafts. The parts will replace the standard steel versions and reduce unsprung mass in the front, resulting in a […]