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T-Work’s MP9 TKI4 & MBX8 DLC coated arm shafts

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new DLC coated front lower arm, front upper arm and rear lower arm shafts for the Kyosho MP9 TKI3/4 and Mugen Seiki MBX7R/8. The arm shafts are DLC coated for wear and provide a smooth and slick surface. The front lower arm shafts measure 4×64.5mm for MP9 and 4×63.3mm for MBX7/8, […]

T-Work’s RC8B3.1/MBX7R lower shock mounts & diff shafts

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new aluminium lower shock mounts and differential shafts for the Team Associated RC8B3.1, Mugen MBX7/7R and SWORKz S35-3. All option parts are machined from high quality aluminium and come hard-coated for wear and providing a smooth and slick surface. The lower shock mounts are available in set of four while the […]

Imbue release updated MBX8/MBX7R dogbone kit

See: Imbue Motorsports Imbue Motorsports have introduced an updated centre dogbone kit for the Mugen MBX8 and MBX7R. Featuring new 5mm Aluminum Dogbones with harder pins for increased durability and wear, the kit also includes updated drive cups made from bearing steel which have been correctly hardened for long life. The cups also feature some […]

T-Work’s MBX8 quick change engine mount set

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced a new quick change engine mount set for the Mugen MBX8 and MBX7R. Machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium, it comes hard-annodized and laser-etched with T-Work’s logo. The quick change engine mount allows to reinstall the engine without adjusting gear mesh and work on your engine without all of the hassle associated […]

T-Work’s MBX8 front track width adj. spacers

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new front track width adjusment spacers for the Mugen MBX7/R and MBX8. Machined from high-quality aluminium, they come black anodised and laser-etched for easy identification. They are available in sets of 0.5mm and 0.75mm thick.

Imbue release new MBX7/8 option parts

See: Imbue Motorsports Imbue have introduced new products for the Mugen MBX8 & MBX7 platforms. First up is an aluminum centre dogbone conversion kit. Aimed at freeing up the driveline, increasing ease of maintenance and reducing overall driveline weight by 16g, this conversion fits both MBX7R, MBX8 Nitro and Eco variants and is sold as […]

Lunsford MBX8 titanium pillow balls & screw sets

See: Lunsford Racing Lunsford Racing have introduced new titanium pillow balls and titanium screw sets for the Mugen MBX8. First up are two upper or lower titanium pillow balls. They made of high-quality Grade 5 titanium, machined from center-less ground titanium and feature a nano accurate threading process. Next up are the titanium screw sets. The first […]

T-Work’s X3 carbon fibre brake disks & MBX8 high density air filter foam

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced new carbon fibre brake disks for the Hong Nor Sabre X3 and high density air filter foam for the Mugen MBX7R and MBX8. First up are the brake disks, machined from high quality carbon fibre, they feature a ventilated design providing a consistent and smooth braking, combined with super light weight […]