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T-Work’s MBX7R lightweight pillow balls

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced new lightweight pillow balls for the Mugen MBX7 and MBX7R. These pillow balls are machined from high quality aluminium and available in two version: with a spring steel shafts or titanium shafts. The parts will replace the standard steel versions and reduce unsprung mass in the front, resulting in a […]

T-Work’s front & rear diff joints for MBX7 series

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have released new lightweight front and rear diff joints for Mugen MBX7 series. Made from high quality spring steel, they have been given a special hardening treatment for the ultimate in durability. Available as pair.

Mugen Seiki Europe MBX7 rear brass weights

See: Mugen Seiki Europe | Buy O.S. products Mugen Seiki Europe unveiled new brass weights for the rear of the MBX7 series. These bling-bling parts will be available this weekend at the Mugen Cup in Reims, France. Perfectly weighted to increase the performance of your buggy, truggy or GT. These will be available in the […]

DKT MBX-7 carbon fiber firewall

DKT has introduced their newest option part today for the Mugen MBX-7/7R buggy. This is a precision crafted carbon fiber fuel tank firewall. Designed to protect the MBX-7’s fuel tank from heat and hard-impacts, the DKT firewall also adds a bit of lightweight flare to the look of your ride. Source: DKT

Mugen Seiki announce MBX7R buggy

In a rather surprise and low key announcement, Mugen Seiki’s North American presence (Mugen Seiki Racing), let the cat out of the bag this morning with the release of the MBX7R buggy, an updated and refined version of their Worlds winning MBX7 platform. The MBX7R kit is based off the World Champion MBX7 platform with […]

Pro-Line’s awesome new MBX7 body

How badass do those fins look!! Pro-Line sent out an industry-wide sneak peak of their new body for Mugen Seiki’s popular MBX7 buggy. “Here’s a night vision theme sneak peek of the Mugen MBX-7 body that is planned for release next week. We will get another sneak toward the end of the week so stay […]

RB Air Filters for RB One, XB8 & MBX7

New RB Air Filters for RB One, XB8 & MBX7

RB Products have announced that their famous air filter foams are now available as a 12 pcs set for the RB One, XB8 and MBX7. RB go on to state that the air flow has been improved while still featuring a very high level of filtration due to its double foam layer.

New MBX7 Carbon Fibre Nose Cone


LMR introduces their extremely impressive carbon fibre nose cone for the Mugen MBX7 which is available now at A picture showing the nose cone fitted to the MBX7 can be found below.