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XRAY XB2 1/10 2WD Buggy: Unveiled

After the overwhelming success of our exclusive ‘the Making of the XB2‘ articles in close partnership with XRAY, everyone at NeoBuggy are delighted to exclusively ‘first unveil’ XRAY’s 1/10th Offroad 2WD buggy – The XB2… At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and […]

XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview

XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview    After a lengthy sit-down with the suited Martin Bayer – ready for business, discussing the behind the scenes and makings-of XRAY’s new XB2 gamechanger, we followed up with a few more questions of our own about how it was to work on the project and get even further details… […]

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 2

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 2 – By Martin Bayer Following on from Part One is the second installment of Martin Bayer’s brilliant account of the ‘journey traveled’ in developing XRAY’s 2WD 1/10 buggy challenger – the XB2. “In a last-minute decision, Juraj suggested that our touring car ace Bruno Coelho should try to race 1/10 off-road […]

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1 – By Martin Bayer Always ones to lead the way with others left trailing, XRAY kindly granted us full access to the sharpest-looking RC driver in suit; it could be none other than Martin Bayer! We sat down to discuss the makings of the hugely-anticipated new XB2 2WD 1/0 EL […]