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Klinik RC ball diff jig/camber gauge & pinion case

See: Schumacher Racing Schumacher Racing have introduced two new options from Klinik RC in the form of a ball diff jig/camber gauge and a pinion case. Made in the USA, the ball diff jig will help to build a ball differential by putting the ball diff outdrives between the jig and turn over to check the […]

Klinik RC M3 titanium nylon locknuts

See: Klinik RC Klinik RC have introduced the new M3 titanium nylon locknuts. Machined from billet grade 5 machined 6al4v titanium, the nylon locknuts are extremely lightweight and durable add corrosion resistance, making them a great replacement for the usual nylon locknuts. Available in set of 5-piece, the titanium nylon locknuts come in 9 colors including […]

Klinik RC 1/10th 1-piece carbon fibre wing button

See: Klinik RC Klinik RC have introduced new carbon fibre wing saver buttons for all popular 1/10th buggies. Made in house from 3mm thick, high-quality carbon fibre, the wing button features an unique 3-step and pocketed design. In addition to being super light, the wing button adds some bling and make your wing last much longer.

Klinik RC Cougar Laydown +3mm rear camber mount

See: Klinik RC Klinik RC have introduced a new +3mm rear camber mount for the Schumacher Cougar Laydown. The mount is aimed at astro and carpet racers that have needed to stack 3-6mm in washers to obtain the correct roll center for higher grip surfaces. The part adds tremendous strength to the rear inner ball mount […]

Klinik RC wireless transmitter battery charger system

See: Klinik RC Klinik RC have introduced a new wireless transmitter battery charger system designed for popular radios such as the Sanwa M17, the Ko Propo Esprit IV and Futaba using 2s LiPo battery. The set consist of a charging station, a powerful transmitter battery pack and wireless receiver unit with micro chip processors for safe, […]

Klinik RC 1/10 buggies battery cradle & slider ride height gauge tool

See: Klinik RC US brand Klinik RC have introduced new carbon fibre battery cradle for the Schumacher Cougar KC, Team Associated B6.1/D and team Losi Racing 22 5.0 as well as a slider for GHEA ride height gauges. The battery cradle system is a single-piece design made from high-quality 3.0mm-thick carbon fibre making it strong and […]

Klinik RC brass thread repair kit

See: Klinik RC Klinik RC have introduced new brass thread repair kit. Designed to fix stripped out threads anywhere 3 mm screws are used, the kit consist of inserts machined out of brass that expand when the screw is installed. The insets features knurls that grab tight onto plastic and increase strength 2-3x over plain screw […]

Klinik RC lightweight fan shroud kits

See: Klinik RC Klinik RC have addes to their Max cool lineup lightweight fan shroud kits designed to fit virtually every car. Designed to keep the stator and rotor cool to delivering peak performance, the fan shroud allows to witnessed 20-30deg decreased temps over regular fan layouts, which allowed to run a tooth or two bigger […]