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Posts tagged with Keenan K White

The No Name RC Podcast: The Best of 2018-19 Podcast, Darren Bloomfield & Gil Losi Jr

See: The No Name RC Podcast Keenan K White is back with three new ‘The No Name RC Podcast’. In the #74 episode called The Best of 2018-2019 Podcast, Lefty done his best to pick some of the quotes or segments but he failed to keep it at an hour! Click here to enjoy the […]

JQRacing appoint sales rep for latin America

See: JQRacing JQRacing has been relatively absent from South and Central America, but having great success in the Caribbean over the past couple of years. Now it is time for JQRacing to expand to all of Latin America with the hiring of a new sales representative who is fluent in Spanish, English, and Gibberish. Keenan K […]