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Exploring XRAY: Reno & Martin

The final installment of our three-part puzzle ‘Exploring XRAY’ has landed, after the hugely popular Introduction and even more so Juraj’s candid honest interview, we bring you a sit-down moment with the two faces you’ll see representing XRAY during 2014: Reno Savoya & Martin Bayer! And judging how our photoshoot Perhaps not only on the track […]

Exploring XRAY: Juraj’s Interview

As part of our exclusive look inside XRAY’s impressive production facility headquarters we’re pleased to present an in depth candid interview with the man behind it all; Juraj Hudy – in the first article ‘Exploring XRAY‘ we introduced you to a company that was born from the ashes of communism, alots changed since the late […]

Exploring XRAY: An Introduction

After packing the necessary items (Christmas-themed wooly hat, scarf, camera etc.) for a hastily-planned trip to visit XRAY in Slovakia we were warmly greeted as we touched down in Bratislava and proceeded to drive 130km north to Trencin – the Home of the Hudys. Arriving at XRAY’s headquarters is something quite special indeed, from the […]

XRAY announce XB4 2WD buggy

After lifting the lid on their mid-motor ‘two-wheel’ challenger the XB4 2WD a couple of weeks ago, XRAY fans worldwide need no longer hold their collective breath as the Slovakian luxury manufacturer unveils the full details of the XB4 2WD, the two-wheel drive cousin of the European Championship winning XB4. In their rather brilliant but […]

FX: How it’s made – Exclusive

After the success of our first article on the new ‘FX Engines’ brand, we’ve once again teamed up with it’s creator Juraj Hudy to bring you a level of access and detail on the production side never seen before, this is a must read for any true ‘RC nerd’! Before you embark on this adventurous […]

FX Engines Exclusive with Juraj Hudy

 Juraj, first off thank you for taking time to take part in this exclusive Q&A with NeoBuggy, tell us a little a bit about ‘FX’ ? FX Engines is a private company located in Europe in Trencin, Slovakia. Owned and operated by the Hudy family, the FX Engine company was established in 2006 to develop, […]

XRAY XB9’13 Buggy

XRAY’s XB9 release will go down as one of the more successful 1/8 buggy releases in recent times so it comes as no surprise that the highly esteemed Slovakian company have sought to ensure the development of the car is seen by consumers through the release of the ‘2013 edition’ of the XB9 buggy. “The […]

Xrays DNC Preparations

Photos have emerged of the Xray factory team at work: Reno Savoya, Martin Bayer, Josh Wheeler,Kurt Kellum, Jérôme Treignier & Juraj Hudy at a private practice in LA in preparations for the upcoming Dirt Nitro Challenge in Phoenix. We understand that the team have been hard at work fine tuning the set-up of the new […]