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Posts tagged with Juraj Hudy

XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview

XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview    After a lengthy sit-down with the suited Martin Bayer – ready for business, discussing the behind the scenes and makings-of XRAY’s new XB2 gamechanger, we followed up with a few more questions of our own about how it was to work on the project and get even further details… […]

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 2

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 2 – By Martin Bayer Following on from Part One is the second installment of Martin Bayer’s brilliant account of the ‘journey traveled’ in developing XRAY’s 2WD 1/10 buggy challenger – the XB2. “In a last-minute decision, Juraj suggested that our touring car ace Bruno Coelho should try to race 1/10 off-road […]

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1

Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1 – By Martin Bayer Always ones to lead the way with others left trailing, XRAY kindly granted us full access to the sharpest-looking RC driver in suit; it could be none other than Martin Bayer! We sat down to discuss the makings of the hugely-anticipated new XB2 2WD 1/0 EL […]

XRAY unveils the new & improved XB4’16 1/10 4WD buggy

See: XRAY XRAY raised the bar in the 1/10 buggy class with the XB4, bringing a new high-quality, high-performance player to the field for all others to measure themselves against. Now with a more adaptive platform, XRAY’s 1/10 buggy… the new XB4’16… is now even more the beast to beat. The new XB4 is artistically […]

Bayer and Hudy head to America

XRAY has announced their 2015 USA Tour campaign. Martin Bayer and Juraj Hudy will make their way to America to travel the west coast for several upcoming events including the Dirt Nitro Challenge at Fear Farm R/C Raceway, and various others at OC/RC Raceway, Thunder Alley R/C Raceway, and Heritage R/C Park. Keep an eye […]

XRAY working on the 1/10 2WD XB2

A rare moment ‘behind the scenes’ at XRAY’s impressive testing facility & factory in Trencin, Slovakia courtesy of their design impresario Juraj Hudy, posting on twitter: The progress with new #XRAY XB2 has been significant but still plenty things to test with @MartinBayer88#RCcar The luxury European manufacturer is currently hard at work on a standalone […]

XB8’15 Exclusive with Juraj Hudy

As we could not wait for the official press release, we contacted XRAY to get some exclusive information on what we can expect on the new 2015 XB8. Juraj Hudy, chief designer for the off-road division at XRAY, disclosed some exciting information exclusively to us regarding the new buggy. Juraj says, “The XB8 has been a […]

Savoya & XRAY say their goodbyes

The ‘Silly Season’ continues today as yet another departure has been announced. In a mutual official announcement, XRAY and Reno Savoya inform that they are ending their professional relationship, and parting ways for 2015. Reno says, ”Firstly I would like to thank the Hudy family and the Team for all the efforts they made to make […]