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Juan Carlos Canas wins at E-Buggyland 5.0

A3 final of the Buggyland 5.0 will be thrilling from start to finish. The track has much more grip and balancing skills in addition to driving are required. If the start of the round looks like that of the A2 with Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) took the lead followed by loan by David Ronnefalk (HB […]

Juan Carlos Canas on pole for Buggyland 5.0 final

After the semifinals, Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) managed to win the fastest semi. In the semi A Elliott Boots (Kyosho) and David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) will race in the lead but gradually the Swedish driver will lose ground toward E.Boots more consistant and faster since almost 17sec separate the two drivers. Riccardo Berton (Kyosho) will […]

JC Canas takes untroubled A1 win

A1 was pretty easily won by Mugen/Modelix driver Juan Carlos Canas. JC.Canas made a perfect final, without mistake under the pressure of David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) in the first minutes then by Elliott Boots (Kyosho). D.Ronnefalk will quickly make a mistake which will leave some space between the leader and E.Boots that the Spanish driver […]

David Ronnefalk TQs Nitro buggy at Buggyland 5.0

The qualifying rounds continue at a fast pace in Madrid, Sapin at the Buggyland 5.0. This decisive round for the overall TQ was taken by Juan-Carlos Canas (Mugen) after a nice fight with Elliott Boots (Kyosho) who finished at more than 2sec to JC.Canas. E.Boots had to TQ the round to have also 2 TQs […]

Juan Carlos Canas TQs E-buggy at Buggyland 5.0

The 4th round of the E-buggy qualifying will be very intense and for once least, all will decide in the last lap between Juan carlos Canas (Mugen) and David Ronnefalk (HB Racing). The two drivers will be very close until the last lap where D.Ronnefalk decided to go for broke and made a mistake that […]

Buggyland 5.0 E-Buggy: Juan Carlos Canas TQs in Q3

Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) is pursuing its path and takes the TQ in Q3. David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) was ahead but its D817 V2 will lose grip in a corner exit in the last lap which will allow JC Canas de TQ with only 0.271 sec in advance. Almost 6 seconds behind Elliott Boots (Kyosho) […]

Buggyland 5.0 E-buggy: JC Canas grabs Q2

Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) will not keep some doubt and grab quite easily the TQ of the Q2 in the E-buggy category. The Spanish rider will overtake Kyosho driver Elliott Boots by more than 2sec, a spectacular gap considering the gaps seen so far. David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) finishes at 0.221 from E.Boots after a […]

Juan Carlos Canas wins Spanish Nats Rd3

See: Modelix Racing The third round of the Spanish Nitro Buggy Nationals was held at the Valladolid track over the weekend. Robert Batlle (Mugen) took the overall TQ in the rounds of qualifying. In the 45 minutes final Juan Carlos Canas brought home the win from R.Batlle in second while Oscar Baldó (Kyosho) came in […]