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Posts tagged with Juan Carlos Canas

Canas & Figueiredo win at 2nd annual International Buggy Challenge

The second annual International Buggy Challenge was held at the Quinta das Tulipas track in Barcelos, Portugal. The event attracted some of the best European drivers and in the Nitro Buggy class it was SWorkz’s Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/Maclan/6MIK) who set the overall TQ. In the 45-minute final, JC.Canas was able to convert his […]

Juan-Carlos Canas TQs & wins at Cadiz Regional champs Rd1

Source: Alberto Peláez Gámez (Facebook) The opening round of the Cadiz Regional championships was held at the Club Radiocontrol El Estrecho track in Spain. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) would sweep the Nitro Buggy class, taking the overall TQ and win in the 45-minute final by 2 laps in front of Alberto Peláez Gámez (HB […]

Juan Carlos Canas sweeps Andalusian Regional Champs Rd2

See: SWORKz  The second round of the Andalusian Regional Championship was hosted by the Lebrija track in the south of Spain, attracting more than 40 racers. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) would sweep the race, taking the overall TQ and win in the 45-minute final in front of the Mugen Seiki duo of Bryan Baldo (Mugen Seiki/Ultimate […]

Juan Carlos Canas joins T-Work’s

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have announced the addition of the Spanish driver Juan Carlos Canas to their team. The Spanish Champion will use T-Work’s products on his SWORKz rides at National and international events for the 2020 season.

Juan Carlos Canas TQs & wins at Spanish Nitro Buggy Nats Rd1

Source: infoRC.net The first round of the Spanish Nitro Buggy National Championship was held at the San José de la Rinconada track over the weekend. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) was the Top Qualifier after the rounds of qualifying and started on pole position for the Main final. He will take advantage of a rough […]

Juan Carlos Canas sweeps Levante Champs Rd1

Source: Juan Carlos Canas RcDriver (Facebook) The opening round of the Levante Championship was held at the Roldan track in Murcia, Spain over the weekend. In the Nitro Buggy class, Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) set the overall TQ by taking 2 out of 3 rounds of qualifying. JC.Canas brought home the win in the 45-minute […]

Juan Carlos Canas sweeps 2020 Montpellier GP

Source: circusrc.com The 2020 Montpellier GP was held in Montpellier, France, attracting once again the best driver in Europe as well as Ryan Lutz (Agama/Bullitt/Piranha/AKA) from the USA. Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS Racing/Merlin/6MIK) set the overall TQ avec three rounds of qualifying troubled by the rain. The 45-minute final was dominated Juan Carlos Canas (SWORKZ/REDS […]

Top 25 RC following the 2020 Montpellier GP warm-up

See: Top 25 RC Spanish racer Juan Carlos Canas took the overall TQ and win at the 2020 Montpellier GP warm-up followed by Riccardo Berton in 2nd and his teammate Elliott Boots in 3rd. Keep in mind that the Top 25 Rankings do not factor in the name of the event, it is based strictly on the […]