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Posts tagged with JTP RC

Modelix provide JTP RC silicone oils worldwide

See: Modelix Racing Modelix Racing have announced that the Jared Tebo Products shock and diff silicone oils are now available worldwide. The JTP RC/Ultimate Racing silicone fluids are made by Modelix Racing from 100% pure silicone oil. Both shock and diff silicone oils come in a 75ml bottle using a flip top cap to insure […]

Full T-Shirts at JTP RC

See: JTP RC Jared Tebo via his brand ‘JTPRC’ complete his collection of apparel with new Speed, Flag, Stencil WC and Ladies RTW T-Shirts. The Speed T-Shirt factures a 3 color screenprint design on the front and 1 color screenprint on the back. The Flag T-Shirt factures a 1 color screen print design on the front and back. The […]

JTP RC launches RB6 & ZX6 carbon race options

See: JTP RC Jared Tebo has just introduced a new series of carbon fibre parts developed for his ‘JTP RC’ brand for Kyosho RB6 and ZX6 vehicles. Front and rear shock towers are available for the RB6. The front shock tower give a better front end feeling through the corners and over obstacles by improving the up […]

Jared Tebo releases fresh JTP swag

Jared Tebo has just released two new shirts to his growing line of JTP apparel. The new shirts are the ‘Chico Shirt’ and the ‘Force Shirt’. Each of these shirts were designed by Jared himself, and has shared his thoughts behind the design of each.

Kyosho tie up Tebo in 5-year deal

Was it ever really in doubt ?!… Nah… Never, Kyosho without their #1 driver bordering on international icon ?! Nigh on impossible to imagine even in austere times like these, he’s had a busy old year has Jared, Kyosho’s 5-year deal announced only a day after the news broke of Sidewinder dropping him after only […]

Jared Tebo’s testimony video

  Recently crowned 1/10 2WD World Champion Jared Tebo continues to expand the popularity of his blog [JTP RC], earlier today Jared posted an article with the above video – brutally honest & frank but also an inspiringly courageous move from him to seek help as well as make public the challenges he has faced and […]