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Motorama Maifield

Team AE also took victories in the 2wd Mod, 2wd SCT (Cavalieri), Truck Mod & 4wd Mod (B.Thielke) Ryan Maifield has started off 2011 with a string of indoor victories; winning the Midwest Nitro Champs (buggy class) held in Columbus, Ohio and now followed by a double win at the popular Motorama indoor event in […]

Qualifying @ Midwest Nitro Champs

Qualifying is in the books in chilly Columbus, Ohio at the annual Midwest nitro champs, at this early stage it looks to be the Ryan Maifield vs. Jesse Robbers battle with the pair qualifying 1st & 2nd, and 2nd & 1st in buggy & truck classes. A little international flavour has been brought to the […]

Robbers & Hot Bodies for 2011

Its Driver news week here at neo, and the latest guy to get in on the action is Hot Bodies own JR – better known as Jesse Robbers; 2nd place finisher at the 2010 ROAR buggy nats and winner of the 2010 Midwest Nitro Champs announcing his 2011 commitment to Hot Bodies. “I will continue […]

ROAR warnings for Lutz, Easton Robbers & Degani

ROAR, the governing body for N.America, published the following post on their website today. Announcing warnings had been issued to five drivers ROAR members. ROAR has chosen not to mention any reason for these warnings which may perplex readers, so to avoid this happening Neo Buggy have been doing some detective work. The issue goes back to […]

ROAR Nats – Drake & Tebo TQ

The final round (4) of qualifying finished around lunchtime and revealed Jared Tebo as TQ of the truck class, impressively TQing 3 of the 4 rounds, 2nd Ryan Maifield and 3rd fellow AE driver Ryan Cavalieri. In the buggy class Drake had TQ’d Q1 & Q2, Tebo Q3 and the fight came down to Q4, […]

2010 ROAR Nats – Q1 Video

Q1 in Buggy saw a mini epic battle with Tebo, Drake and Truhe and luckily we filmed it so enjoy it below or here (direct link) Update We have added another video with Robbers & Cavalieri from Q1 – Direct link to video