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Jesper Rasmussen TQs & Wins at RC Kongen Winter Series rd4

Source: Jesper Rasmussen (Facebook) The fourth round of the RC Kongen Winter Series was held at the RC Kongen indoor track in Søndersø, Denmark. In the 2WD 2WD Mod Buggy it was Jesper Rasmussen (Team Associated) who took the TQ and brought home the win from Frederik Hovgaard (Yokomo) in second and Marcus Kaerup (Team Associated) […]

Jesper Rasmussen takes double Danish EP titles

Source: Jesper Rasmussen (Facebook) The final round of the Danish 1/10 Electric Buggy nationals was held at the ORCM track over the weekend. Jesper Rasmussen (Team Associated) took the overall TQ and the win in both 2WD and 4WD buggy. In the 2WD class Jonas Kaerup (Team Associated) came in second and Frederik Hovgaard (Yokomo) rounded […]

Jesper Rasmussen doubles at Danish Nats Rd4

Source: Jesper Rasmussen & Frederik Hovgaard (Facebook) Last weekend was held the fourth round of the Danish 1/10 Buggy Nationals at the GRC track in mixed weather conditions. Team Associated driver Jesper Rasmussen was able to take the overall TQ in 2WD and 4WD and also the win by winning A1 and A2 finals in both classes. […]

Johansson & Rasmussen win at WBC series Rd4

This past weekend was held the fourth round of the WBC Series at NettoRC Arena indoor track in Klippan, Sweden. Team Associated driver Elias Johansson was the man to beat in qualifying. Elias took the overall TQ in both 2WD and 4WD. In 2WD Elias continued in the same vein and grabbed the win from […]

WBC Rd3 report

See: XRAY This past weekend was held the third round of the WBC at the Borås Miniracing track in Viskafors, Sweden. The track was a mix of tight technical parts as well as high speed sweepers and a challenging “whoopie” section. In the 4WD class Team Associated’s Wilhelm Skjöldebrand took the overall TQ. In the first […]

Jesper Rasmussen takes Danish 2WD & 4WD titles

Source: Jesper Rasmussen (Facebook) This past weekend was held the seventh and last round of the Danish 1/10 championship at the Odense Rc Minirace track. Team Associated’s Jesper Rasmussen would sweep the 2WD and 4WD classes by TQing and wining in both categories. By taking maximum points in both classes, Jesper took the Danish titles in […]

Rasmussen & Gosvig win at Danish Champs Rd1

This past weekend was held the first round of the Danish Championship at the Aalborg RC Center in Nørresundby.Qualifying would go to Jesper Rasmussen in 2WD and Mike Gosvig in 4WD. In 2WD A final Jesper brought home the win from Jonas Kærup in second and Mike in third while in 4WD it was Mike […]

Rasmussen & Gosvig win Danish Nats Rd3

See: XRAY 3rd Danish Nationals was held at the Viborg RC outdoor track. Some new to the track was a table top with 2 steps down just in front of the 3x double jumps, this made the flow on the track very good, but also the key to go very fast was in this section. In […]