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Posts tagged with Interview

Interview with HB Racing & Team Orion’s Adrien Bertin

Hi Adrien, thank you for giving us this interview. We’d like to cover a few topics with you; First off, can you explain a bit more on your position and dual role for HB racing and Team Orion ? Hi everybody , It’s my pleasure to give some answers to Neobuggy readers! I know many people […]

XRAY XB8’16: Exclusive interview with Martin Bayer

Links: XRAY | Buy XRAY XB8’16 After the official launch of the 2016 edition of the XB8, we finish off our exclusive feature with an in-depth interview with Martin Bayer himself. NeoBuggy: What was the most difficult task for you as a designer while working on the new XB8? Martin Bayer: Before I was directly involved with […]

Interview with Cody King

Back after the Neo16, RC Car Action talked with Cody King about a few things such as the evolution of modern nitro buggies and of course about the Kyosho MP9 TKI4, the ultimate evolution of the buggy which has allowed Cody to win the IFMAR World title. Not many drivers can claim to have won an IFMAR World title, […]

Billy Easton talks about the new Serpent SRX8

See: Serpent Serpent is about to release its completely new nitro powered 1/8 buggy, the SRX8. The SRX8 will make his first official laps at the Silver State taking place this week in Las Vegas. This is the  opportunity to interview her designer Billy Easton and discover a little more about the SRX8. Hi Billy, we like […]

Interview: Travis Amezcua talks Team Durango

Over the past year, a lot has changed in the R/C industry. Among those changes is a wide variety of news from Team Durango. The brand announced in late 2014 they would not have a ‘pro-team’ for 2015, as they were turning their focus to consumers and club level racers instead. Later, long time driver […]

Wernimont tells all behind shocking 1/8 retirement

Upon his surprise Retirement Announcement from 1/8 offroad racing, a lot of questions were raised regarding the future of fan-favorite Carson Wernimont. We’ve caught up with Carson for a chat, and he tells all! To me, I’m all for helping and making sure the people I help are number 1, but to use people up […]

XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview

XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview    After a lengthy sit-down with the suited Martin Bayer – ready for business, discussing the behind the scenes and makings-of XRAY’s new XB2 gamechanger, we followed up with a few more questions of our own about how it was to work on the project and get even further details… […]

Video: JConcepts Interview with 2wd World Champ Spencer Rivkin

See: JConcepts Team Associated/JConcepts driver, Spencer Rivkin, conquered the world’s fiercest competition, proving he has the speed to not only podium, but to become your new 2015 2wd IFMAR World Champion. Shortly after the trophy presentation and champagne celebration, Spencer sits down and talks about his race with JConcepts Jason and Allison Ruona in this […]