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Posts tagged with Inferno MP10

Kyosho unveils Inferno MP10 photos & instruction manual

See: Kyosho Europe After unveiling several teasers of the Inferno MP10, Kyosho has just put an end to the expectations of fans of the Japanese brand. Kyosho has unveiled detailed images of the Inferno MP10 and its instruction manual. The MP10 evolves in many ways but remains aesthetically in the same vein as its predecessor. Among […]

Kyosho teases a new 1/8 nitro buggy?

See: Kyosho America For several months Kyosho has been very active and has unveiled many kits including the RB7, ZX7, MP9 TKI4 ReadySet and Inferno MP9e Evo but nothing to delight fans who love the smell of nitro. For many years now, the famous MP9 TKI has enabled Kyosho to win several titles as the […]

Kyosho Inferno MP10 coming soon?

We love a speculative story here at NeoBuggy and heres one for those of you out there who like a good conspiracy theory and what not… Is the next Kyosho platform about to be released ? Looking at the evidence the current MP9 platform and ‘TKI3’ buggy version is arguably hailed as the ‘best’ allround […]