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HRC Racing Dual Star PRO charger teaser

See: HRC Distribution HRC Racing have announced that their new Dual Star PRO charger will be release in December. The charger will enlarge the current range of HRC Star charger, Star-Lite Charger and Dual-Star Charger, with a powerful dual 200W / 20A output charger in both AC and DC modes. It also features a LiHV […]

HRC Racing 14.8V 5800mAh 4S LiPo battery pack

See: HRC Distribution HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing 14.8V 5800mAh 65C/110C 4S LiPo battery pack. This battery is especially designed for 1/8 buggies and features a durable hard case, and a Dean’s original gold plug. The battery pack measures 140 x 46 x 48mm and weighs 480g.

HRC Racing Dual Star charger

See: HRC Distribution HRC Racing have added the AC/DC Dual Star charger V1.0 to their range of chargers. The Dual Star charger features new LiHV mode, 2 output ports, as well as a USB output for your smartphone or any other USB device you may need in your pit. As usual with HRC Racing chargers, the […]

HRC Racing BullDog 1/8 buggy tyres

See: HRC Distribution HRC Racing have introduced the all-new BullDog tyres for 1/8 buggies. The massive lugs and the compound selected by HRC Racing drivers provides high grip and a good durability (low wear). Available now mounted on durable black 5-spokes wheels.

HRC Racing Star-Lite charger

See: HRC Distribution HRC Racing have introduced the  all new Star-Lite charger. The Star-Lite charger is a entry-lever high-quality and high-technology automated charger, that allows user to charge up to 50W / 5A. The charger features a fully automated charge management and cut-off for LiPo / LiFe / NiMH / NiCD and is very easy to use. […]

HRC Racing 17mm wheel wrench

See: HRC Distribution HRC Racing have released a new 17mm wheel nuts wrench especially designed for 1/8 off road and monster trucks vehicles. The 7mm wheel nuts wrench is made in aluminium, black and red anodized, this wrench features a tube long enough to be used on monster truck wheels.

HRC droop screws with Delrin post

See: HRC Racing HRC Racing unveiled droop screws with Delrin post for 1/10 vehicles. After years of complaints and disappointments about marks made by the droop screws on the chassis of our RC cars, HRC Racing found the solution with these special droop screws with Delrin post. The post is made in solid Delrin, and can’t be removed of […]