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Gene Husting Commemorative Jacket

Gene Husting Commemorative Jacket

If you knew Gene, you knew the jacket. For as long as anyone can remember, Gene Husting, an industry icon with racing in his blood, wore a Members Only Iconic Racers jacket. In honor of Gene, Team Associated has produced a limited number of Official Members Only Iconic Racers jackets with an old-school Team Associated […]

Novarossi commemorate Gene Husting

Whether you enjoy RC as a competition, weekend hobby or backyard bash the passing of fellow kindred spirits is a sad unwelcome event but a real one that seems to halt the ever turning gears of RC for a moment as friends cast a retrospective thought, remember and pay their respects. In recent years we’ve seen […]

Associated founder Gene Husting (1927-2014)

It is with heavy hearts that we must inform everyone of Gene Husting’s passing.  Gene was an icon in the RC industry and the founding partner along with Roger Curtis of Team Associated. The public face of Team Associated for many years, Gene’s racing career started long before R/C cars ever existed. A street racer […]