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Posts tagged with Flash Point R/C

Flash Point R/C FP02 nitro engine coming soon

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have released a teaser video of the forthcoming FP02 nitro off-road engine. No information about the new engine have leaked in the wake except that it will feature a DLC-coated crankshaft for improved durability. Detailed images and information about the power plant should become available very soon.

Flashpoint R/C 2 in 1 starter box mounts

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have introduced new 2 in1 starter box mounts for the Mugen MBX8 and MBX8T. Made from high quality aluminium, the front mounts are locked mounts while the rear mounts allow some quick adjust by turning 180 degrees in order to easily fit a buggy and a truggy on the […]

Agustin Cutini signs with Flash Point R/C

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have announced the signing of Agustin Cutini to their team. A.Cutini will be racing the Flash Point FP01 nitro engine and all the Flash Point accessories in Argentina and through out South America. A.Cutini brings a tremendous amount of experience in racing and development and will be a huge […]

Flash Point R/C 16mm shock bladders

See: Flash Point R/C Coming from Flash Point R/C are the16mm shock bladders. The FP shock bladders feature a reinforced web design that allow the bladder to hold their shape in the most extreme conditions. This will provide more consistent handling help improve the stability when landing large jumps. They are compatible with most major brands […]

Flash Point R/C FP01 nitro engine

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have introduced the new FP01 nitro engine. The FP01 uses a long stroke design that provides great power with an exceptional low to mid-range torque ideal for buggy and truck applications and great fuel consumption. The power plant is available in the following configurations:

Flash Point EFRA 2146 tuned exhaust system

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have introduced their EFRA 2146 Tuned exhaust system. Designed and developed for O.S. based nitro off-road engines, it comes with a durable chrome finish and durable, forward facing welded pressure nipple. This exhaust system provides great throttle response and lots of mid to top-end power. The complete exhaust system […]

Flash Point Shock & Diff fluid bag

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have introduced the fluid bag. It is designed to easily store and holp up 20 bottles of Flash Point shock oils and differential fluid bottles. It can also be used to store nitro engines, parts, tools, and chargers. The bag measures 9″ x 7″ x 4.5″ and features the […]

Flash Point R/C 4-in-1 multi-wrench & aluminum servo horns

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have introduced an 4-in-1 multi-wrench and two aluminum servo horns. Made from high quality spring steel, the multi-wrench is very strong, durable and features a 10mm socket wrench for loosening/tightening flywheel nut, 8mm extended glow plug wrench, 5mm hex tip for adjusting pillow ball suspension and 3mm hex tip […]