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Posts tagged with FEMCA

FEMCA Photos

The last batch of photos from the Asian Championships are online including a few particularly special ones courtesy of the Aussie team who invented a new use for a fuel gun! (NeoBuggy in no way condones these actions and advise our loyal visitors to not try this at home. Make sure the gun is completely clean […]

McBride takes 2nd FEMCA Buggy title

In an hour long race of attrition it was Kyle McBride who hardly put a foot wrong as he steered his MP9 to victory, initally Thai driver Chavit S held onto a comfortable gap out front, chased by McBride and Hara with Meen V not far behind, however a flame out cost Chavit any front […]

FEMCA Asian Champs

The final will now be 16 cars: Kyle McBride, Wataru Takashiro, Chavit S, Zac Ryan, Meen V. Robert Gustafsson, Kenji Osaka, Trin Prc from Semi A. And Atsushi Hara, Charlee P, Matt Griffin, Dani Choi, Paphon C., Dai Hiroki, Mongkolphan L., Daniel F from Semi B Semi A bumps to Final: Kyle McBride, Wataru Takashiro, Chavit […]

FEMCA Pits Walkabout

FEMCA Saturday

Lower finals are underway at the FEMCA Asian Championships in Pattaya Thailand. Link to Photo Gallery

FEMCA Qualifying Video

We managed to film the fast heat from Q5 from yesterday’s qualifying at the FEMCA Asian Championships in Pattaya, with Atsushi Hara & Kyle McBride.

McBride dominates FEMCA Qualifying

Aussie star Kyle McBride picked up where he left off as he continued to TQ; the Kyosho driver taking 5 straight TQs from Q2-Q6 giving him the enviable perfect score. FEMCA Challenger Atsushi Hara, suffered a tough Q4 & Q5 with his car’s LiPo going off in Rd 4 sending it through the barrier, and […]

Pain on the track

Aussie driver / international celebrity Josh Pain talks us through the unique Pattaya powerboat RC track for this weekend’s FEMCA Asian Championships.