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A visit to BittyDesign’s HQ

Weekend before last, we were in beautiful Italy, covering the EURO Contest, hosted by the BittyDesign team at the fabulously ‘3D’ track in Barco, whilst not scoffing italian gelato (ice cream) and watching the exciting generation of Italian kids fly round the track we were kindly invited to visit BittyDesign’s HQ in Rubiera. Located next […]

Exploring XRAY: Juraj’s Interview

As part of our exclusive look inside XRAY’s impressive production facility headquarters we’re pleased to present an in depth candid interview with the man behind it all; Juraj Hudy – in the first article ‘Exploring XRAY‘ we introduced you to a company that was born from the ashes of communism, alots changed since the late […]

Exploring XRAY: An Introduction

After packing the necessary items (Christmas-themed wooly hat, scarf, camera etc.) for a hastily-planned trip to visit XRAY in Slovakia we were warmly greeted as we touched down in Bratislava and proceeded to drive 130km north to Trencin – the Home of the Hudys. Arriving at XRAY’s headquarters is something quite special indeed, from the […]

NeoBuggy to visit XRAY Factory!

In today’s flooded world of product & racing press releases, it’s a rarity that a teaser or piece of news might cause a flicker of excitement amongst our hard-nosed news staff, however when XRAY posted their ‘new car’ teaser it produced a reaction of interest and intrigue. We couldn’t resist ringing Mr Hudy himself, seeing […]