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Exploring XRAY: Reno & Martin

The final installment of our three-part puzzle ‘Exploring XRAY’ has landed, after the hugely popular Introduction and even more so Juraj’s candid honest interview, we bring you a sit-down moment with the two faces you’ll see representing XRAY during 2014: Reno Savoya & Martin Bayer! And judging how our photoshoot Perhaps not only on the track […]

Exploring XRAY: Juraj’s Interview

As part of our exclusive look inside XRAY’s impressive production facility headquarters we’re pleased to present an in depth candid interview with the man behind it all; Juraj Hudy – in the first article ‘Exploring XRAY‘ we introduced you to a company that was born from the ashes of communism, alots changed since the late […]

Exploring XRAY: An Introduction

After packing the necessary items (Christmas-themed wooly hat, scarf, camera etc.) for a hastily-planned trip to visit XRAY in Slovakia we were warmly greeted as we touched down in Bratislava and proceeded to drive 130km north to Trencin – the Home of the Hudys. Arriving at XRAY’s headquarters is something quite special indeed, from the […]