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Exotek B6 titanium puck bones & B64 81T POM spur gear

See: Exotek Exotek Racing have introduced new puck bones for the MIP Bi-Metal bone puck sets and heavy duty 81T POM spur gear. First up are the puck bones. Made of polished and laser etched Ti 6-4 titanium, they are available in 67mm long for the TLR 22 4.0 and Team Associated B6 and 76mm long […]

Exotek Flite 17.5 black POM pinion gears

See: Exotek Exotek Racing have introduced a new range of ultra lightweight pinion gears for 17.5 class. Machined from black pom (delrin), for that stealthy look, these gears offer extra quiet operation with full face teeth (4.5mm) for excellent mesh and durability. Also incorporates a machined alloy keyed collar for secure mounting with the included heavy duty […]

Exotek D413 alloy rear hubs set

See: Exotek Racing Exotek introduces alloy rear hubs with vertical ball stud mounting for the HB D413. These heavy duty rear hubs are machined from 7075 aluminium to be lightweight and they are machined a second time to insure precise bearing fit and polished and anodized in factory orange. They have a conventional upright ball design for precise and easy roll center […]

Exotek releases new POM ‘Flite’ slipper eliminator spur gears

See: Exotek Exotek’s 1/10 slipper eliminator hubs have become a popular choice for stock class racers around the globe. Exotek now releases their new high performance machined POM (Polyoxymethylene) spur gears to fit all Exotek slipper eliminator hubs. The spur gears are 100% machined POM to insure true roundness, with extra interior machining to reduce overall weight […]

Exotek machines new motor fan mount for EXO22 chassis

See: Exotek Exotek Racing recently released their new EXO22 chassis kits for the TLR 22 2.0 buggy. To accompany the new chassis kit, Exotek has just released their new machined alloy fan mount, designed specifically for the EXO22 chassis. Lightweight bolt on design attaches directly to the EXO22 chassis for secure low center of gravity […]

Exotek unveils new TLR 22 mid motor chassis set

See: Exotek When the TLR 22 was originally released, it revolutionized the buggy class with never before seen innovations that brought the buggy class back to new heights with many iconic features that the rest of the industry soon incorporated. Now, with almost 2 years of testing and development, Exotek introduces this new chassis upgrade […]

Exotek carbon RB/T/SC6 battery strap

Exotek Racing has released their new carbon fiber strap and alloy posts with twist nuts for the Kyosho RB6, RT6 and SC6. Includes adjustable twist nuts for precise battery holding and that factory team look. Shaped for extra room around the lipo plugs. For use with shorty 2s lipos. USA made carbon fiber with polished and […]

Exotek delivers new 22-4 option parts

Exotek Racing has launched their newest TLR 22-4 option parts today, including new Twist Nut LiPo Post Set, Carbon Fiber Battery Strap, Aluminum Rear Hubs, and Heavy Duty Machined Front Pivot Brace. The new twist nut LiPo posts eliminate the need for double body clips, and provide a trick and easy way to hold your battery strap in place. […]