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Exotek TLR 22 & 22-4 option parts

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced three new option parts for the Team Losi Racing 22 and 22-4 in the form of LiPo tab and post, diff saver sleeves and -3mm spring perchs. First up is the ultra lightweight LiPo tab and post for the 22-4. The carbon fiber tab holds normal shorty packs securely […]

Exotek B6.1/XB2 carbon fibre LiPo tab & cup sets

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced two sets of carbon fibre LiPo tabs and cups for the Team Associated B6.1/T6.1 and the XRAY XB2/XT2. Both sets are designed to adjust the battery quickly, forward or way back, with ease as track conditions call for it. Also they securely cradle the battery in place for added […]

Exotek EB410 Edge lightweight body

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced the new Edge lightweight body for the Tekno EB410. Crafted to greatly lower the looks and cg over the stock body the Edge body sits 8mm lower than the stock body. Exotek have also taken great care to still allow the mounting of the fan above the motor and still […]

Exotek tease EB410 EB Edge body

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming EB Edge body for the Tekno RC EB410. The EB Edge body sports an aggressive look with sharp angles and a cab-forward design. It features a roof-top shark fin and allow the to use a top mount fan. Availability is scheduled for late […]

Exotek introduces EB410 option parts

See: Exotek Exotek have introduced four new carbon fiber and aluminium option parts for the Tekno RC EB410. First up is the battery strap machined from heavy duty carbon fiber. It is designed with a large opening for your charger balance plug so that you can check your battery pack while the buggy is in ‘race […]

Exotek Racing XT6 T5M & B6 truck conversion kit

See: Exotek Exotek Racing have introduced the XT6 laydown type chassis conversion for the Team Associated T5M and B6. Specially designed 7075 alloy +6mm chassis will help update your vehicle to the laydown type platform that is needed for todays high grip tracks. The kit allows the use of the newest B6 components such as the […]

Exotek B6 titanium puck bones & B64 81T POM spur gear

See: Exotek Exotek Racing have introduced new puck bones for the MIP Bi-Metal bone puck sets and heavy duty 81T POM spur gear. First up are the puck bones. Made of polished and laser etched Ti 6-4 titanium, they are available in 67mm long for the TLR 22 4.0 and Team Associated B6 and 76mm long […]

Exotek Flite 17.5 black POM pinion gears

See: Exotek Exotek Racing have introduced a new range of ultra lightweight pinion gears for 17.5 class. Machined from black pom (delrin), for that stealthy look, these gears offer extra quiet operation with full face teeth (4.5mm) for excellent mesh and durability. Also incorporates a machined alloy keyed collar for secure mounting with the included heavy duty […]