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T-Work’s electronic switch

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced a new electronic on/off switch. This lightweight and compact switch eliminates the problems with intermittent contact associated with mechanical switches while his design offer dust and water-protected. It can be easily mounted to the transponder mount or any other suitable location using double-sided tape. The electronic switch is compatible with 5.0/9.0V […]

Protek R/C’s new Electronic Switch has just released their new ProTek R/C Electronic Switch. ProTek R/C’s Electronic Switch might seem like a simple on/off unit, but it’s loaded with features. The switch’s low-profile design is completely sealed, so it can be mounted anywhere without fear of dirt and grime working its way in and causing a failure. With built-in […]

Get turned on by an Xpert

Xpert R/C has stormed the racing scene around the globe with their electronics and servos over the past year. Possibly one of the most “dialed” new products in their lineup is the Xpert Electronic Switch. This electronic switch is designed to be more reliable than a standard mechanical switch, and is compatible with 6.0V NiMH […]