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Posts tagged with EFRA

Neumann is 2WD European Champion

The 2WD part of the 1/10th Offroad Euros held indoors in Trelleborg, sourthern Sweden witnessed a cat and mouse game between the two masters of European 2WD; title pretender Lee Martin & defending Champion Jorn Neumann. [Final Event standings] 1/10 Euros Links: Scoring | Photos | Videos | Coverage Page | Under the Hoods From the get go Jorn Neumann had his Team Durango […]

EFRA & IFMAR: Gyro use illegal

Its come to our attention that there was quite a bit of ‘pit chatter’ after the Euro B Championships in Madrid concerning the alleged widespread usage of gyros, although to our knowledge no one was caught, since then EFRA & IFMAR’s president Dallas Mathiesen has moved swiftly and posted an immediate clarification concerning gyro usage […]

Noeux les Mines’ EFRA GP

European racers looking for an early taste of outdoor racing could do worse than attend the EFRA GP in Noeux les Mines in northern France. The Carca track, home to Nemo/Agama’s Jerome ‘the Pink Panther‘ Sartel,  will be hosting the Grand Prix a week before the 2014 Neo Race, perfect for a warm up! The […]

Rhein Main’s Euros statement

As most of our European racers and readers will be aware, NeoBuggy broke the news after EFRA’s AGM that the 2014 Euros would not be held at the popular Rhein Main Circuit in Frankfurt, Germany, but would revert to it’s 2011 host venue; Sand am Main, Germany (4-9th August 2014). Until now, only unconfirmed rumours […]

EFRA AGM: Euros moved & Worlds dates

Unofficial news from the EFRA AGM currently underway this weekend in Zagreb, Croatia – our insiders tell us that the 2014 Euros will NOT be held at the Rhein Main track near Frankfurt airport, but is set to return to Sand am Main – host of the 2011 Euros and venue of Robert Batlle’s 2nd […]

Euros ‘A’ entry list

EFRA section Chairman for 1/8 Offroad Carlos Gomez has published the entry list for the 2013 ‘A’ European Championships which are due to be held in a month’s time in the heart of Champagne district – Reims, France. See the entry list here [PDF]

Ridiculous racing in rainy Reims…

The past weekend the Euro warm up was held in Reims, France – on Saturday night the weather took a turn for the worse and it rained all of Sunday, having seen some of the photos watch a short video of the first semi final by RC Mag – illustrating the amount of standing water […]

EFRA AGM Agendas 1/8th & 1/10th

EFRA, the European federation have posted up the agendas for the forthcoming AGM in Brussels, we’ve taken a quick look through and heres a summary. 1/8 Offroad 2013 Race Calendar: 8-13 July European ‘A’ Championships – Reims, France Euro warm up looks likely to be held 17-19 May at Reims. 5 bids to hold the […]