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Posts tagged with E817T

Exotek introduce new D/E819 optionals

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced a new range of 2-color aluminium option parts for the HB Racing D819 and E819 in the form of a steering brace plate, a set of bearinged steering cranks as well as a set of centre bulkheads. The parts are machined from Heavy Duty 7075 aluminium and come polished […]

Leadfinger Racing Strife D817T body

See: Leadfinger Racing Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new Strife body for the HB Racing D817T. Whether your running the truck straight form the kit or using HB’s up graded front shock tower, this body is a drop fit that works for both the nitro and electric versions. LFR has included better front shock tower clearance […]

HB Racing D817T 2.75° arm mount D

See: HB Racing HB Racing have introduced new aluminum 2.75 degree rear arm mount D for the D817T and E817T truggies. The D-mount controls the location of the rearmost end of the rear suspension hinge pins. Less toe-in at the D-Mount location frees up the rear of the truggy for more rotation through the corners. The […]

HB Racing E817T available in September

HB Racing have announced that their new E817T 1/8 Electric Truggy will be available world wide in September. The E817T brings World Champion Race DNA to the expanding electric truggy class. HB team drivers checked off race proven features from the E817, D817T and D817 to create a durable electric truggy with speed, durability, and […]

HB Racing E817T – Available to Pre Order

HB Racing have announced that the new E817T 1/8 Electric Truggy is now available to pre order. The E817T was developed to help expand the Electric truggy class. It blends the race proven features of the E817 and D817T to create an electric truggy with speed, durability, and easy maintenance. Compatibility with existing HB kits […]

HB Racing E817T E coming soon

See: HB Racing HB Racing have released a first official teaser image of their forthcoming E817T E-truggy. No details or information are available but it should be a mix between the Euro champion E-buggy, the E817E and the D817 nitro truggy. We expect full details and more images will be available soon.

HB Racing D817T 185mm HD dogbone

HB Racing have introduced 185mm HD dogbone with short pin for the D817T and E817T Truggies and E817 E-buggy. This heavy duty center dogbone is thicker in diameter, which increases the strength and durability of the drivetrain. It’s standard equipment on the center/rear of the HB Racing D817T truggy and center/front of the E817T truggy. […]

HB Racing D8T serie hard suspension arms & universal drive shafts

HB Racing have introduced new hard suspension arms and universal drive shafts for the D817T, E817T, D8T and D8TTE. First up are the hard suspension arms are made from harder material for increased arm stiffness. The harder material improves handling on high traction surfaces and reduces the sensitivity of the car to variations in traction, […]