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Drescher’s Pre-Season preview

Spring is on our doorsteps and what better way to let it in than having our own guest writer Craig Drescher give us a pre-season preview of the domestic & European scenes. The Pre-season by Craig Drescher Lumpy and bumpy winter time switch hitters and money movers. Some smart moves and some dumb ones I’m […]

Drescher’s Worlds – King Cody

KING CODY – /kɪŋ/ [noun“> a person regarded as the finest or most important. For those of you who thought the king was dead – You were wrong. Long live the King The final was a bar room brawl and good old fashioned dust up to the very end. Two seconds between 1st and 2nd […]

Drescher – Finals Day 1

The calm before the storm Today is the start of finals and it usually starts off quiet because most people take this opportunity to have a lie in and catch up on some much needed sleep. For 2 runs a day I can’t believe how tiring the days are and quickly the disappear. You always […]

Drescher on Day 3 Quali

Today has been the toughest so far. The tracks blown out all over the place and I know I keep saying this but the guys are starting to make many more mistakes because of this, they are getting very frustrated and I’ve seen Dallas having a few quiet words in peoples ears. Believe it or […]

Drescher on Day 2 Quali

Thursday – Day 2 Quali. Changing it up and laying it down, Okay so yesterday was a Maifield fest. Today hasn’t been so promising for him and we’ve seen some chinks in the armour. Mistakes early on and then a locked rear drive shaft saw his day end with a disappointing finish. He’s kept his […]

Day 4 Drescher: The Maifield Show

Let the fun, pain and misery begin. For 2 runs its a long day and the heats were re-seeded over night so it feels like a fresh start for everybody. Thank god, after yesterdays disaster during practice. This place is soooo difficult. As a washed up oldie I’m finding it really tough. I need them […]

Drescher on Worlds Day 3 – Practice

After a good night’s sleep and no internet communication it was a shock to see the track repairs that had taken place over night. Actually I was happy they’d made this decision because it benefits everybody in the long run and the track will stay better for longer into the event. You’ve all seen the […]

Drescher on top of the Worlds

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? no it’s Craig Drescher’s car on the other side of the track! Mr Drescher is back and in fine form ready to do his unique daily updates on all things World Championships, enjoy. Arrival After a grueling trip half way around the world we finally […]