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Lutz takes DNC Italy with Durango test buggy

Ryan Lutz was one of the few US based drivers that didn’t end up making the trip south to Argentina to attend the warm up in September, his win over the weekend at the prestigious Dirt Nitro Challenge in Padova, Italy saw him lead from start to finish unchallenged, beating in-form former Durango driver Elliott […]

Venom’s DNX408 Conversion Kit

Pictured below are in-house prototypes of an electric conversion kit made by Venom for the Team Durango DNX408. Retail price will be $79.99 USD and stock available to sell late January/February. The kit will consist of: • 3 piece alloy motor mount set • 1 x 5mm thick CNC carbon fibre battery tray • 1 […]

Carbon towers for Durango DNX408

Now available for the DNX408 buggy are the carbon fibre front and rear shock towers. These shock towers are precision machined from high quality, super strong 5mm thick carbon fibre. They offer greatly reduced weight over the standard part, if both the front and rear towers are fitted to your buggy they reduce the weight […]

Durango tank & wheel hubs

Team Durango have released a revised fuel tank for their DNX408 buggy. This fuel tank has an integrated splash and overfill guard, preventing any fuel from spilling over onto the steering servo. The back pressure inlet has been relocated to stop fuel from being aerated during refuelling. The tank is made from a clear material, […]

New DNX408 Option Parts

Team Durango has announced the release of a host of new lightweight options for the DNX480 including clutch springs and fuel tank pullers…DNX480 Options

Durango options

These aluminium wheel axles are direct replacements for the standard steel wheel axles on the DNX408. They offer a 64% weight saving over the standard part, reducing both the un-spung weight of the suspension and rotating weight of the transmission by a total of 26.4g TD310201 – Wheel Axle Aluminium (2pcs) These aluminium diff retainers […]

JConcepts Durango Body

The JConcepts Hi-Flow design has always been a favorite amongst racers since its IFMAR Worlds debut in 2007. Hi-Flow styling presents a flowing design while incorporating radical, raised side-pod scoops for increased tune-ability. Race inspired aggressive styling, forward placement /center raked cab and rear escape combined with the hard-edged flowing design of the side pod […]

DNX408 Shock Build Guide

Team Durango have published a shock build guide for the DNX408…“Shock absorbers are what keep your DNX408 glued to the track so getting them built ‘right’ is important to get the best handling car. We polled some of our experienced team drivers for information on how they build their shocks so we could write a […]