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Posts tagged with Differential Gears

T-Work’s MP9 metal powder-coated differential gears

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new metal powder-coated internal differential gears for the Kyosho MP9 TKI3 and TKI4. The internal gears feature a metal powder-coated for maximum long life. The set includes the necessary internal parts of the differential such as satellite gears, planetary gears and satellite gear shims.

XRAY XB4 internal diff gears

See: XRAY XRAY unveiled low height and light differential internal gears precision made from new graphite composite mixture that includes 2 bevel gears + 4 satellite gears for XB4. Molded from an all-new special lightweight and extra-strong graphite material which gives the gears an optimal balance of hardness, toughness and flexibility to provide long life, minimal wear and minimizing […]