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Posts tagged with Didian Ho

HB Racing resolves SOAR situation

The situation between Mr. Didian Ho from Soar and Neidhart SA & Ripmax has taken a positive step. In a new statement Mr. Ho announced that Mr. Philippe Neidhart; owner of HB Racing settled debts owed him. Here is the Soar announcement: “Today we received a payment notice from the new owner of HB Racing (Neidhart). We were noticed that the […]

Graupner SOAR at the Euros

As one of our main sponsors of last week’s extensive Euros coverage, Graupner SOAR attended with their star driver Dani Bernabe as well as team support and SOAR Seiki boss Didian Ho, the team kindly allowed us to shoot their 998 buggy for a little updated Under the Hood segment.

SOAR Seiki at Neo14

After the successful debut of SOAR’s 998 buggy at Neo14 where factory driver Alejandro Daras raced for the first time finishing up in the quarter finals in nitro buggy with the new car. Only days prior we published the feature ‘Introducing SOAR Seiki’, a candid if brief insight into this 1/8 offroad industry newcomer. Now […]

Feature: Introducing SOAR SEIKI

Over the past 12 months we’ve occasionally turned the spotlight on a newcomer to RC and 1/8 Offroad, a small company out of Taiwan called ‘SOAR SEIKI’ but with big ambitions. Already producing and manufacturing engines, the company’s design director Didian HO turned his attentions to producing their own 1/8 racing buggy – the SOAR […]