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Posts tagged with Daniel Kobbevik

Daniel Kobbevik takes two Norwegian 1/8 Buggy titles

The third round of the Norwegian 1/8 Nitro and Electric Nats was helt at the Hvervenbukta Raceway in Oslo in wet conditions. In the Nitro Buggy class XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik won the five rounds of qualifiyong giving him the overall TQ. The closest driver behind D. Kobbevik was Mugen driver Hans Magne Berg, that […]

Daniel Kobbevik sweeps Norwegian EP Buggy Nats Rd4

The fourth round of the Norwegian 1/10 Electric Buggy Nationals was held at the SAS track near Sandefjord. The weather forecast was not looking to good, but luckily, the track will be spared by the rain. In 2wd, XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik was over 2.2 sec faster on best lap, and the only one that […]

Daniel Kobbevik takes norwegian championship titles

The Sandefjord RC Club hosted the National Championship 2018 over the weekend. The crew made a great job with prices, making the arena ready for audience, and drivers. The event was also held in Nitro Buggy and E-Buggy for the first time at the same weekend. Since XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik had taken all the […]

Daniel Kobbevik sweeps Norwegian 1/10 Buggy Nats Rd3

See: XRAY The third round of the Norwegian 1/10 Buggy Nationals was held at the Was Innherrad Raceway in Levanger. The weather changed a lot, cold, wet, dry, so a qualifying round could start dry, then get wet, and then dry. Daniel Kobbevik (XRAY) set the pace in the 4WD qualifying and took all qualifications […]

Daniel Kobbevik sweeps Norwegian Nats Rd2

This past weekend was held the second round of the Norwegian 1/8 Nitro and E-buggy Nationals at the Hof Raceway located less than an hour from Oslo. It has been extremely hot in Norway past weeks making challenging conditions with a hard track with a lot of bumps. Saturday started off with four qualifications round […]

Daniel Kobbevik doubles at Norwegian Nats Rd1

The first round of the Norwegian Nitro Buggy and E-Buggy Championships were held at the KMBK astro track in Kristiansand, in the south of Norway over the weekend. This year the Nitro buggy and E-buggy classes were held in the same weekend. The weekend started off again with a bit off rain, but it came […]

Daniel Kobbevik sweeps Norwegian Nats Rd1

The first round of the Norwegian 1/10 Buggy Nationals was held at BMRK track in Bergen, probably the rainiest place of in Norway. The rain fell as expected, but once ended the grip came slowly up. The changing conditions have been a real challenge for the drivers and the track layout, tight and technical, caused […]

Daniel Kobbevik joins Hobbywing

See: Hobbywing Hobbywing have announced the signing of Daniel Kobbevik to their Racing team. The IFMAR Junior World champion showed his huge potential in the 1/10 off road Worlds in Xiamen with a 15th overall ranking in 4WD and 16th in 2WD. Daniel has the following to say: “I am very excited about what 2018 […]