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Wallie Builds 1/8th carbon chassis side guards

See: Wallie Builds California based Wallie Builds have added to their range of option parts new carbon fibre chassis side guards for the TLR 8IGHT-X, HB Racing D/E819 and D817T as well as XRAY XB8 ‘19, XB8e ‘19 and XT8. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, these lightweight yet strength side guards are designed to look good […]

Leadfinger Racing Strife D817T body

See: Leadfinger Racing Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new Strife body for the HB Racing D817T. Whether your running the truck straight form the kit or using HB’s up graded front shock tower, this body is a drop fit that works for both the nitro and electric versions. LFR has included better front shock tower clearance […]

HB Racing D819 wide C arm mount

See: HB Racing HB Racing have introduced a new wide C arm mount for the D819, D817, D817T, E819, E817, D815 and D812. Machined from high-quality aluminum, it comes black anodized for wear. The C arm mount is wider and allows racers to run less than 2 degrees of toe-in. It can be used with D […]

HB Racing D817T titanium turnbuckle sets

See: HB Racing HB Racing have introduced three sets of titanium turnbuckle for the D817T. The turnbuckles are precision machined from lightweight titanium to save weight compared to the stock steel turnbuckles. They are reverse threaded for easy adjustment, and come as pair in three sizes including M4x94, M5x95 and M5x85.

HB Racing D819 1-piece engine mount

See: HB Racing Coming from HB Racing and made for the D819 and D817T is an aluminum 1-piece engine mount with new adjustment cam mounts that ensure a perfect gear mesh. The mount features a new design more secure in case of big crashes because the engine position is locked in place and perfectly straight. It […]

HB Racing D819 front suspension arm B-mount 2 dot

See: HB Racing HB Racing have introduced a new front suspension arm B-mount 2-dot for the D819, E817 V2 and D817T. It is a middle setting between the 1 dot and 3 dot mounts. The front suspension arm B-mount is machined from aluminum and comes anodised in black. It was developed based on feedback from HB’s […]

HB Racing D8 series anti-roll bar sets

See: HB Racing HB Racing have introduced two new sets of anti-roll bars for the D817V2 and D817T. They give racers a finer range of stiffness to help tune the car to track conditions. The front sway-bar set has 2.3mm and 2.5mm bars, and the rear sway-bar set has 2.5mm and 2.7mm bars, each labeled with a […]

BSRC D817/MBX8 carbon fibre option parts

See: BSRC Australian company BSRC have introduced new carbon fibre option parts in the form of rear chassis brace inserts for the HB Racing D817/T and A-arm stiffeners for D817, E817 and Mugen Seiki MBX8. First up are the rear chassis brace inserts. Designed to stiffen up the rear of the car, they provide more […]