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Answer RC D817 carbon fibre & aluminium option parts

See: Answer RC Answer RC have introduced a new range of option parts for the HB Racing D812, D815, D817 and E817. The aluminium parts are machined CNC from high quality aluminium and orange anodised. The range consist of centre diff mount set, a front upper steering brace, a rear chassis stiffener mount and shock spring […]

T-Work’s D817 titanium Hex socket head screw set

See: T-Work’s T-Works have introduced a new line of 64 Titanium Hex socket head screw set for the HB Racing D817, E817, RGT8, D8T and D815. The screws are available as set or in 3.5mm x 14mm (4) and 3.5mm x 42mm (4).

HB Racing in stock at Absolute Hobbyz

Our friends over at Absolute Hobbyz are very pleased to announce that they are now fully stocked up on all things HB Racing! With a warehouse overflowing with parts and the new World Championship-winning D817 nitro and E817 E-Buggy kits in stock the support couldn’t be better ahead of the imminent arrival of HB Racing’s […]

HB Racing D817 & E817 front arm B-mounts

HB Racing have introduced new front arm B mounts for the D817, D817T, E817, D815 and D812. Machined from black anodised aluminium, these B-mounts allow you to fine tune the front kick-up and roll center of recent HB Racing 1/8 buggies and truggies. The B-mount controls the location of the rearmost end of the front […]

HB Racing D817 universal shafts

HB Racing have introduced new universal shafts for the D817. These universal shafts are precision machined from high strength steel. They’re standard replacement parts for the D817 buggy, and a tuning option for other HB Racing vehicles like the E817, D815, RGT8 and D812. Universals offer improved bumpy track performance and ease of maintenance compared […]

HB Racing D817 screw type shock pin set & Ti turnbuckles

HB Racing have introduced a screw type shock pin set and titanium turnbuckles for the world’s champion D817. First up are the screw type shock pins are machined from lightweight aluminum and anodized for easy identification of the thread direction. These shock pins feature a new design with a hex head for easy installation, threads […]

T-Work’s aluminium side guards screw set

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced an aluminium side guards screw set for the HB Racing D817. made from 7075-T6 aluminium , these screws offer a lighter weight over the standard steel screws and their design allows them to fit perfectly to the mudguards. Available as set of 10 screws.

T-Work’s D817 turnbuckle & screws sets

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced two new set of screws and 64 Titanium turnbuckle set for the HB Racing D817. The first set of screws consists of 159 gold plated steel screws, providing a a refined look and the other set has 122 64 Titanium UFO head screws offering a larger surface for better fitting. The […]