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Posts tagged with D413

HB Racing D413 hard suspension arms

HB Racing have introduced new rear and front hard suspension arms for the D413. These suspension arms are made from harder material for increased arm stiffness. The harder material improves handling on high traction surfaces and reduces the sensitivity of the car to variations in traction. See: HB Racing

Exotek D413 4-piece split motor plate set & 4mm camber saver plates

See: Exotek Exotek have introduced a 4-piece split motor plate set and 4mm camber savers for the HB Racing D413. First up is the center motor plate, CNC machined from high quality 7075 aluminium, black anodized and polished. Its unique design allows to have quicker access to your center diff without the need to remove your […]

Exotek D413 PRO’17 chassis set

See: Exotek Exotek have introduced the PRO’17 chassis set for the HB Racing D413. The PRO’17 chassis set include a +4mm chassis is machined from high quality 7075 aluminium and black anodised with machined delrin side rails for makes the D413 easier to drive on all track surfaces and easier to work on.

X Factory Infinity HB D413 carbon fiber shock towers

See: X Factory X Factory have added new front and rear carbon fiber shock towers for the Hot Bodies D413 to the X Factory Infinity line of parts. The front tower replaces the standard HB part while the rear one replaces HB #112802, the kit-standard (B) tower. Both Infinity towers have a small but significant X Factory […]

Exotek D413 alloy rear hubs set

See: Exotek Racing Exotek introduces alloy rear hubs with vertical ball stud mounting for the HB D413. These heavy duty rear hubs are machined from 7075 aluminium to be lightweight and they are machined a second time to insure precise bearing fit and polished and anodized in factory orange. They have a conventional upright ball design for precise and easy roll center […]

Schelle releases D413 Stretch Chassis Set

See: Schelle The Schelle D413 Aluminum Stretch Chassis Set is now available to the public. At 153g total weight (53g heavier than carbon fiber) the added weight and stiffness stabilize the car on high grip. The +4mm longer wheelbase of the stretch chassis gives the car a longer footprint, reducing the pitching weight transfer that […]

HPI/HB releases new +6mm extended D413 chassis

See: HPI Racing HPI Racing/Hot Bodies has released their new +6mm chassis for the D413 buggy. The extended chassis lengthens the wheelbase, and in turn is designed to provide more overall stability. The new chassis requires the use of new +3mm extended front and rear top decks, however, uses standard length center driveshafts. #115753 – […]

MIP introduces new HB D413 ‘Roller’ re-buildable drivetrain

See: MIP MIP Pucks have revolutionized the R/C world with their re-buildable design, higher performance, and most importantly less money out of your pocket in the long run. Currently, MIP Pucks have only been offered for 2wd and due to the plastic puck design it has not been possible to move over to 4wd (more […]