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Posts tagged with Cougar KF

Vision Racing cuts new Schumacher carbon rear camber brace

See: Vision Racing New from Vision Racing is this 3mm carbon fiber rear camber brace for the Schumacher Cougar KF models and Cat K1 Aero . The brace gives you four mounting positions in one mount, eliminating the need to change mounts to adjust your chamber link lengths. Lengths provided are 33.5mm, 38mm, 42.5 and […]

Cougar KF Low Grip Conversion Set

Cougar KF Low Grip Conversion Set

Schumacher have introduced their new low grip conversion set for their Cougar KF buggy which moves the motor and centre cluster back by 21mm. The more rearward weight distribution gives the KF more rear traction, and is well suited to wet astroturf, or high grip dirt tracks. In the rearward motor position the car must […]