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Posts tagged with Core RC

Core RC LiPo voltage checker

See: Schumacher Racing Schumacher have introduced the new Core RC LiPo voltage checker. Designed to check the voltage of your packs quickly and easily to see what state of charge they are in. The checker has a DC Voltage range – 2.5v – 30v so good for 1S-4S racing packs and higher. Red digital display, with […]

Core RC progressive big bore spring

Core RC have introduced new Progressive Big Bore Springs for 1/10th Off-Road. These high quality precision made springs allow the car to float over bumps but not roll too much during cornering. The consistent wire diameter means that the characteristics of each spring in the range is similar, giving a consistent performance across the range. […]

Core RC super flat brass weight

Schumacher have introduced the Core-RC brass weight. This super flat brass weight measures 92 x 47mm and with 1mm thickness and the Core RC logo etched on. It allow you to position weight directly under your 1S or 2S shorty battery for the lowest centre of gravity. Website: Schumacher

Core RC tool and oil bags

See: Schumacher Core RC introduces these new tool and oil bags. The Core RC oil bags is ideal for keeping all your shock/diff oil and additive bottles in one place. With dimensions of 19.5 x 16 x 13 cm the bag can contain 16 Core RC shock/diff oil bottles in 4 separate compartments. Its Stiff supported design prevents the bottles getting […]

Core RC delivers new servo range

Schumacher Racing has introduced an all-new range of servos from Core RC. The new line includes 5 new servos ranging from high performance titanium digital to budget friendly plastic geared servos. Each is available now.