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Come Drive With Us – The Perth Worlds

See: 5150 Media Productions Cory Drachenberg from 5150 Media Productions in collaboration with Pro-Line Racing have posted another ‘Come Drive with Us’ series, this time from the 2018 1/8 Worlds in Perth, Australia. Every year, IFMAR hosts a world championship race in one of the 4 blocks that make up the sanctioning body. For the 2018 […]

Come Drive with Us – 1/10 Worlds

Cory Drachenberg has posted another brilliant production in his Come Drive with Us series – this time from the 2017 1/10 Worlds in Xiamen, China, including a tribute to the much-missed Dallas.

Come Drive With Us – Surf City

See: 5150 Media Productions Pro-Line Racing & 5150 Media Productions are proud to present the latest installment of the “Come Drive With Us” Series: The 2017 Pro-Line Surf City Classic! Many events, including SiKCross which we covered in the previous episode, are struggling to bring in racers. It’s refreshing to hear about a race over-selling in […]

Come Drive With Us – SikCross

5150 Media Productions have release the latest “Come Drive With Us”, this time from the 2017 “SiKCross” held at the Pro-Line Test track.While the attendance was low, two of the best R/C Drivers in the world showed up to put on a show for us. They were joined by Joe Bornhorst, Adam Drake, Tanner Denny, […]

Come Drive With Us – The Southern Nationals

The Southern Nationals; this is probably an event that few have heard of and yet, it’s one of the largest races in the South Eastern United States. That being said, only three paid professionals were in attendance. So does this mean there will be more pressure or less?

Come Drive With Us – The Texas ROAR Nats

Pro-Line Racing & 5150 Media Productions present “Come Drive With Us”. With the 2016 IFMAR Worlds coming back to the USA for the first time since 2008, professional R/C Racers are trying to win as many events as they possibly can to send a message to the competition. Ty Tessmann, looking to repeat as IFMAR world […]

The Dirt Nitro Challenge, Directors Cut

In celebration of the 17th running of The Dirt Nitro Challenge, 5150 Productions is releasing the directors cut of “Come Drive With Us – The Nitro Challenge”. This is a limited release, as soon as a winner is declared next Sunday evening, this video will be taken down. Enjoy!

Video: Come Drive with Us – ‘The Shootout’

With the ever popular Cactus Classic, one of the largest most successful outdoor electric races anywhere going indoors, is the writing on the wall for outdoor events? For the past 18 years, Hot-Rod Hobbies has hosted “The Shootout”, as of now, this is the last major outdoor electric off-road race in the United States.  Watch […]