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Serpent Cobra 3-pin & 4-pin clutch shoes

Serpent have introduced three new clutch shoes for the Cobra 1/8 Buggy and truggy. First up are the 4-pin clutch shoes made in 6061 aluminium, a little softer and have less slip compared to the 7075 aluminium ones. These are black anodized and fit to the existing stock clutch. Next up are the carbon 3-pin […]

Serpent Cobra series yellow 4 pin clutch shoes

Serpent have introduced new yellow 4 pin clutch shoes for Cobra series. These machined yellow  type material clutch shoes are designed for the Cobra 4-pin clutch system to provide to the clutch extra bottom punch. The new yellow shoes can also be mixed 2/2 with regular carbon shoes or also with alu shoes. Website: Serpent

New Serpent Cobra Plus4 Chassis

New Cobra Plus4 Chassis from Serpent

Serpent have announced the release of their new Plus4 chassis which is 4mm longer in the rear and comes standard with their new 2.1 Cobra buggy. The additional length provides a more stable rear end with benefits especially noticeable on tracks with short bumps and a rough surface. Although all parts are available separately the […]

Serpent announces Cobra B 2.1 Kit

With no official details released and with a shipping date set as early as tomorrow, Serpent have today announced the release of their updated Cobra B 2.1 kit! Which quite impressively is shipping from tomorrow (4th April 2014). More images and details expected shortly. [Update: 4/4/14] – Serpent have released official details and a wide selection of […]

New Serpent E-Avenger Bodyshells

New Serpent E-Avenger Bodies

Serpent introduces their new range of semi and pre-painted E-Avenger bodies for their Cobra buggy which features clear cutting lines to ensure a perfect fit and has been produced from high quality polycarbonate. Whereas the semi painted shells leaves you to add one colour of your choosing to complete the look of the body.

FREE Hauler Bag with Cobra RTR GP

FREE Hauler Bag with Cobra RTR GP

For all orders placed before Christmas, Racing Experience are including a free hauler bag when you buy a Cobra RTR GP with either a Novarossi Plus S4 pull start or P5XLT engine. Find out more here.

New E-Avenger body from Serpent

New E-Avenger Body from Serpent

Serpent has announced the release of their new body shell for the Serpent E-Cobra Buggy. The new Avenger E-body is a more cab-forward design, which has improved steering, downforce and jump feel, compared to the very popular original E-Cobra body. The steeper frontal section will give more steering, the cuts across the roof will add to […]

Serpent 1/8 E-Truggy Conversion Set

New Serpent 8th E-Truggy Conversion Set

Truggy fans will be pleased to know that Serpent have introduced an electric conversion-set for their 1/8th Cobra truggy. The set includes all items required to convert your kit while excluding the electronics. That being said it does feature their brand new and superb looking E-Truggy body shell which we understand to be a lot […]