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ArndtCraft EB410 Extreme cool fan shroud & carbon diff brace

See: ArndtCraft ArndtCraft have introduced the new Extreme cool fan shroud and the carbon fibre differential brace for the Tekno RC EB410. The Extreme cool fan shroud offers unmatched cooling for your demanding stock class racing, as well out summer outdoor racing, were heat control can be challenging. It is specifically designed for fitment with the […]

VRP RC8B3 Center Diff Brace

See: VRP VRP have introduced the Center Diff Brace for the Team Associated RC8B3. The Center Diff Brace is CNC machined from american 7075 aluminum and comes anodised in silver, black and blue. It reduces the flex in your throttle linkage and therefore improves braking power. By using the Center Diff Brace you remove the stress to […]