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HUDY car stand

See: HUDY HUDY have introduced new car stand for 1/10 buggy. The redesigned and improved car stands features new lower and more compact rubber feet that make the stand more stable. The surface is black powder coated for maximum long life and to withstand abusive working conditions while his very low profile makes it very […]

T-Work’s 1/8 & 1/10 car stand

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced the new car stand for 1/8 and 1/10 vehicles. This compact stand is machined on both sides with T-Work’s logo, comes with a hard-anodised surface to ensure maximum long life and features small foam pads bonded to the top surface provide good grip to hold the vehicle without damaging the underside […]

Bittydesign 1/10 Car Stand

See: Bittydesign Bittydesign Co. have introduced their new car stand for 1/10 off-road vehicles. Designed for those who like to take care not only of the body shell but also of their working area, the Bittydesign car stand features a unique style, different, cool and modern, and of course that can be customizable with the same […]

TWT 1/8 car stand

See: TWT TWT have introduced a new car stand for 1/8 vehicles. Made from high quality acrylic material, it features a reversible design. In one side it features four parts trays while the other side includes holes to hold your shocks and differentials, each marked with position designations. Adhesive foam strips help to keep your […]

JConcepts Aero car-stand

See: JConcepts JConcepts have introduced “Aero”, a futuristic car-stand for the 1/10th and 1/8th vehicles. The Aero car-stand in matte black material stands out in any pit area and supports the vehicle with its unique footing and highly chiseled shape. A rail-like border contains the shape while a deep draw along the sides creates a bold surface for included […]

Xceed RC releases new lightweight alu 1/10 car stands

See: XceedRC XceedRC has introduced their all-new lightweight aluminum car stand for 1/10 offroad racing. This durable new stand includes 4 rubber posts for a cozy spot for your car to reside, drilled with holes in the top deck for shock maintenance, and finished off with Xceed logos. Available in black or green.

HUDY’s delivers 1/10 alu car stand

XRAY has just released their new compact, stylish stand for 1/10 offroad cars. The new stand is great for providing a super-stable platform when working on your vehicle. The side of the stand includes 4 holes for the shock absorbers for easy servicing. Foam pads provide extra grip and protect the chassis, and rubber feet […]

Xceed’s new aluminum car stands

Xceed RC has released their new lightweight offroad car stands. These stands are designed specifically for 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale offroad vehicles, and feature a sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminum construction. The top is padded for comfort, and includes cut-outs to double as a shock building stand as well. Rubber feet keep it planted in […]